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Trudeau Citrus Juicer, yellow
Trudeau Citrus Juicer, green
Trudeau Citrus Juicer features

Trudeau - Citrus Juicer

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Info: 1 Citrus Juicer (1/2 Cup 125 ml capacity)

This citrus juicer is perfect for squeezing just the right amount of fresh lime, lemon, or other citrus juice! Its container is calibrated in both milliliters and cups for easy measurement, it has an easy-pour spout to help prevent spills, and it comes with a lid and so doubles as a container for any leftover juice or  fruit.

Product Notes:

Dishwasher safe. It comes either with a green juicing component or a yellow one. Five year warranty from Trudeau.
UPC Code: 063562565318