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Trustlex ENH-1000 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter
Trustlex ENH-1000 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter in a glass of water
Contents of Trustlex ENH-1000 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter case
Trustlex ENH-1000 Dissolved Hydrogen Meter Carrying Case

Trustlex - Dissolved Hydrogen Meter ENH-1000

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Info: CLEARANCE - Portable Hydrogen Meter - Temporarily Unavailable

Are you on the market for a hydrogen water generator, but wonder if they really deliver the goods? Or do you already have one, but want to monitor whether it is still operating correctly or may need something replaced? This specialty instrument has been developed specifically for measuring how much dissolved hydrogen has produced in the water by hydrogen water generators. This hydrogen water meter can measure hydrogen concentration up to up to 2000 ppb, using a special sensor.

Product Notes:

S&H included to most locations in Canada.

Hydrogen Water Measurement

What is the hydrogen reduction method?

This method is a measuring technique that detects the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) in a solution and converts the detected value into the dissolved hydrogen concentration value. Trustlex's unique analysis technology and special sensor make it easy to measure hydrogen concentration, a process that was previously quite difficult and extremely costly.

* Displays minimum and maximum values, and stores data
* Switchable display, between parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb)
* Measurement Range: 0 to 2.00 ppm, or 0 to 2000 ppb/L
* Accuracy: ±10%
* Units of measurement: 0.001 ppm or 1 ppb
* Batteries: AAA x 4
* Automatically turns off 10 minutes after use to preserve battery life, and includes a display to indicate how much battery life is left.
* Size: Body - 195 x 40 x 36mm / Case - 230 x 205 x 50mm
* Weight: 135g (including batteries)
* Package includes: main unit; user instructions; four AAA batteries (pre-installed); two sensor moistening liquid bottles; sensor cleaning sand paper; spare O-ring; spare screws; dedicated hex key; and carrying case.


Do not use the Trustlex ENH1000 instrument for assessing liquids other than hydrogen water -- the displayed measured value will not indicate the H2 concentration. Also do not use with hot water, or alkaline ionized water, or salt water, juice, tea, etc.