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Vacu Vin PopSome Sugar or Rice Dispenser and its box
Vacu Vin PopSome Sugar or Rice Dispenser with its top popped up
a Vacu Vin PopSome Sugar and Rice container, with three lid positions
Three colours of Vacu Vin PopSome Candy and Nuts containers

Vacu Vin - PopSome Dispensers

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Info: Select Type and Colour of Top; Limited Quantity Remaining

Info: Select Type and Colour of Top; Limited Quantity Remaining

Vacu Vin's PopSome dispensers are both highly functional and attractive. Their flexible silicone lids do triple duty: to prevent spilling, of course; to form an airtight seal to protect the contents from getting moist, stale or stuck together; and when popped open, their central openings function as spouts to pour servings out hygienically, without your having to dig out portions by spoon or hand.

Product Notes:

The PopSome Dispensers come in two sizes - a smaller one suitable for nuts or candy, and a slightly taller (14.5 cm / 5-3/4") one, which you could keep rice, sugar, or even macaroni in. Both types are dishwasher safe, and they can be refrigerated, as well.

They have a somewhat futuristic, "space-age" design, with transparent, lightly-tinted walls (they have a special gray tint to help protect the contents from the harmful effects of light), a middle conical shaft, and bright-coloured tops.


Candy & Nuts containers: 3.5" high (closed), 5.25" diameter top, 3.5" diameter bottom.

Yellow Top Sugar or Rice Container: 5.75" high (closed), 4" diameter top, 2.75" diameter bottom.

Product Options:
Pink Top, Candy & Nuts - $9.99 - UPC: 084256284018
Purple Top, Candy & Nuts - $9.99 - UPC: 084256284087
Yellow Top, Sugar & Rice - $9.99 - UPC: 084256284193