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Norpro Grip-EZ Vegetable or Fruit Wedger
Norpro Grip-EZ Vegetable or Fruit Wedger and several types of wedges
using a Norpro Grip-EZ Wedger to slice an orange into wedges

Norpro - Grip-EZ Vegetable/Fruit Wedger

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Info: Veg/Fruit Wedger; BPA-free; 5.5 by 7.25 inches

One easy press = 6 perfect wedges every time!

Faster food preparation is possible with the Grip-EZ Vegetable and Fruit Wedger by Norpro. An ergonomic, comfortable unit with non-slip handles and a non-slip base and precision, stainless steel serrated blades ensures your wedges are perfect, and your hands completely safe. It's ideal for making perfectly symmetrical sections of vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, potatoes for salads or wedge fries, or fruits such as lemons, limes, or oranges, for garnishes or drinks. Use it for fruit snacks, veggie kabobs or fajitas; you'll be eating healthy in no time. No peeling required! (except for onions).

Suggested Usage:

Simply place the whole vegetable or fruit on the base, centred; push down blade ring, by holding its sides (as shown here). Keep fingers away from blades. For produce that is larger or taller than a typical apple, cut it into sections of about that size, first. For onions, peel and trim off both ends, first.

UPC / Barcode: 028901851071