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Venezia Bottle - Aroma Diffuser Necklace

Venezia Bottle - Aroma Diffuser Necklace

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Info: Only Available in 1 Remaining Type (Amber Cone)

Info: Only Available in 1 Remaining Type (Amber Cone)

Aromatherapy from essential oils can be a great way to stay calm and relaxed, or to elevate your mood, or to relieve tension headaches, or more. But we can't always avail ourselves of their benefits outside the home or office, since they generally require some sort of plug-in nebulizer or diffusing device to emit them. These attractive Venezia Bottle Aroma Diffuser Necklaces can accomplish that for us, with style. They come in elegant packaging, suitable for a gift.

Product Notes:

All 4 types of Venezia Bottle necklaces shown in their packages

These aromatherapy necklaces consist of beautifully designed hand-blown glass vials in either a cone or a heart shape, either royal blue or amber in colour, which are fitted into metal casing stylized with either star (for the Cone) or butterfly (for the Heart) patterns, and are topped by either a folding lid with a stopper in the middle, or a cork stopper, topped by a faux 'diamond', and hung by a nickel-free stainless steel chain.

To use them, simply place a few drops of your preferred oil or blend, using their enclosed dispenser, wear the necklace, and open the top when you want to take in the aroma, as explained below.

* Please note, to dispense the oil with the enclosed pipette for the smaller 'Heart' vessels, you would need to remove the flow restrictor from the essential oil bottle, if it is equipped with one (since the pipette tube is 5 mm in diameter). The cone-shaped ones have a different type of dispenser, with a long needle tip which can go into very small openings.

Suggested Usage:

the parts inside the boxes of both major types of Venezia Bottle necklaces

Either remove the jeweled cork stopper from the top of the vessel, or unclasp and flip open the top (depending on the model).

Using the enclosed pipette/dropper,* add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the vessel.

Replace the top/stopper, ensuring it is well secured. (To protect clothing, wipe down the sides of the vessel with a tissue or cloth in case any oil spilled).

Put on the necklace.

Remove the stopper or flip open the top, as needed / desired, inhale, and enjoy the beneficial effects of your selected essential oils.

UPC / Barcode: 628949146186