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The three type of Wedderspoon Organic Lipcare

Wedderspoon - Organic Lipcare

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Info: 4.5 g Applicator Stick; Available in 3 Flavours

Wearable healing honey for sweet, soft lips, prepared for Wedderspoon Organics Inc. This Canadian product contains moisturizing and softening ingredients from Manuka beeswax and honey, shea and cocoa butters (with the former also conferring some SPF protection from the sun), and olive oil, plus rosemary oleoresin (a natural antioxidant and preservative), with your choice of three refreshing flavours: Coconut Lime; Lavender Lemon; or Peppermint.


Base ingredients common to all: Coconut oil,* Manuka beeswax,* Shea butter,* Cocoa butter,* Manuka honey,* Rosemary extract,* Vitamin E.*

* = Organic Ingredients

Coconut Flavour and Lemon and Lime Essential Oils, in the Coconut Lime Flavour; or

Lavender and Lemon essential oils in the Lavender Lemon Flavour; or,

Peppermint essential oil in the Peppermint Flavour.

Suggested Usage:

Apply to lips liberally, as needed, or when you feel like you need an extra touch of sweetness!

Product Options:
Coconut Lime - $4.99 - UPC: 81442202099
Lavender Lemon - $4.99 - UPC: 81442202112
Peppermint - $4.99 - UPC: 814422021075