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Prepworks - Wedge and Pop

Prepworks - Wedge and Pop

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Info: Thin Slicer for Apples or Pears; in Red or Green

We're probably all getting a bit tired of what seems to be a never-ending election season, but here's one wedge issue to really get behind: an innovative slicer by Progressive International which can quickly and safely make perfect wedges and separate the cores of apples or pears without scoring your counter or cutting board, all in one two-part push.

Suggested Usage:

Simply fold back the protective base (which cover the blades safely when in storage); position the cutter over the centre of the upright fruit, hold it by both handles and push down about 90% of the way; then flip the cover to underneath fruit, and Pop! it the rest of the way with one last push of the blades, to leave 8 perfect slices for ready for snacking, pies, tarts, or other desserts or salads.

Prepworks Wedge and Pop in Use


PP (polypropylene), Stainless Steel and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene -- a thermoplastic polymer). All BPA-free and Dishwasher Safe.

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Green - $19.99 - UPC: 078915048530
Red - $19.99 - UPC: 078915048530