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OPUS - WelLicious Drinking Water System

OPUS - WelLicious Drinking Water System

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Info: 5 Filter, 8 Stage Water Purification System

The OPUS WelLicious is a point-of-use drinking water system perfectly suited for water drawn from a drilled well that supplies hard water.

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Product Notes:

Primarily designed for hard water from a drilled well, the OPUS WelLicious may also be used for municipal water supplies with high levels of dissolved minerals or discolored (brown) water you want removed, or to protect domestic and commercial coffee and tea systems (including espresso systems) from mineral buildups that can damage their heating elements and water boilers. (This particular system will not remove fluoride or chloramines, however, so please choose a different model if they have been added to your water supply.)

Like many of our other OPUS water purification systems, the WelLicious produces great-tasting, perfectly clear water that removes up to 99% of chlorine, lead, heavy metals, MTBE, VOCs and contaminants, while still maintaining the desired pH (alkalinity) level, but this one is also designed to soften water that is high in minerals without having to add any sodium.

In addition to employing three different types of carbon technology that filter all the way down to 0.5 microns in order to remove contaminants, a special feature of the WelLicious is its inline Soft Water (SW) filter which removes excessive levels of calcium and magnesium without the addition of sodium, as is used in standard water softeners. The WelLicious comes equipped with a horizontally mounted 5 micron dirt/ rust/ sediment filter; a horizontally mounted water softening filter; a filter with 3 pounds of KDF Media and over half a pound of Granulated Activated Carbon for removing a wide range of chemicals and contaminants; a very high capacity 1 micron pleated carbon filter; and a final 0.5 micron carbon block filter that removes up to 99.5% of cryptosporidium, mercury, lead, giardia, entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts, to ensure great-tasting, contaminant-free water.

The system is designed to be installed under the sink or in an area that provides convenient access for filter changes. The system includes a beautiful brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet with a John Guest quick connect screwed on the end, to make it easy to attach the supplied tubing. (Two 5 foot lengths of BPA-free ¼" LLDPE tubing are included to connect your cold water source to the system, and the system to the faucet.) Your installer will need to supply the components to connect the system to your cold water supply.

For water that is especially high in minerals, we also recommend adding the Calmat device -- a remarkably effective system that uses electrical impulse technology to change the structure of the minerals so they're no longer "sticky," thereby preventing the minerals from clogging pipes and harming water heater elements and allowing them to be washed away easily.

Annual replacement filter kits are available, as well.

Download the OPUS Wellicious water purification system Installation Guide [PDF].

The OPUS WelLicious water purification system consists of five advanced filtration components providing eight stages of filtration, contained in a unit with three vertical filter housings and two horizontally mounted filters.

Included Components and Specifications:

1). Triple filter wall mount unit for installation under a sink or in a basement, to allow easy access to the system for future filter changes.

2). 5 micron inline dirt/rust/sediment filter attached by two 2" plastic clips to the top of the unit. (Stage 1)

3). 14" Water Softening Filter, attached by plastic clips to the 5 micron sediment filter, and mounted horizontally. Using water softening ceramics, ion exchange resin and activated carbon, this unique filter reduces excess magnesium and calcium (lime), while maintaining the alkalinity of the source water. No sodium is added to the water in this process. (Stage 2)

4). 10" Two Stage Filter: 3 lbs KDF Media + Granulated Activated Carbon. (Stages 3 & 4)

5). 10" 1 Micron Pleated Carbon High Capacity taste and odor filter. (Stages 5 and 6)

6). 10" .5 micron carbon block microfiltration filter that removes MTBE, VOCs and chlorine, with 95% removal of lead and mercury, and particles as small as 0.5 microns. (Stages 7 & 8)

7). Quick connects throughout for all ¼" tubing connections, including on the beautiful brushed nickel ceramic disk designer faucet.

8). Brushed nickel lead-free ceramic disk designer faucet with normal sink installation components, including a John Guest quick connect screwed onto the end, for quick and easy connection of the blue tubing from the output of the system.

9). Two 5 foot lengths of flexible LLDPE ¼" tubing – one blue, and one red. Red is used to connect to the cold water source and to the water input of the John Guest ball valve (shut off valve). The blue tubing is connected to the output on the right side of the system and to the supplied John Guest quick connect that is screwed onto the bottom of the supplied faucet.

10). John Guest ball valve, a convenient shut off valve that is installed with a short piece of ¼" tubing on the left side of the system (water input). This shut off valve makes it easy to turn off the water to the system for filter flushing and filter changes.

11). Filter Wrench, to enable easy opening of the vertical filter housings.

12). Five Year Limited Warranty.

The individual components included in this design include:

Stage 1 -- 5 Micron Dirt/Rust/Sediment Filter: In normal use, this filter, which is mounted horizontally on the top of the unit by two 2" plastic clips, should be replaced annually; however, depending on the quantity of water purified and the level of dissolved solids and sediment in your water, you may need to change it more often, if the water pressure / flow from the unit drops to unacceptable levels.

Stage 2 -- OPUS SW Filter: Horizontally mounted, this filter is ideal for well water or water that normally would require a water softener, but unlike standard water softeners, the OPUS SW filter does not add sodium to the water. Rated life: six months, or 5,000 - 7,000 litres. (Two are included with the initial purchase and the annual replacement kits.)

Stages 3 & 4 -- 3 lb KDF Media/0.6 lb Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC): This filter, which is situated in the left vertical chamber of the unit, consists of two components (two stages), includes the equivalent of 3 pounds of KDF media and three fifths of a pound of granulated activated carbon (GAC). KDF media is a copper-zinc formulation that combines electrochemical and catalytic technology to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, aluminum, arsenic, chromium, copper, manganese, nickel, chloroform, trichloroethane, lindane, nitrates, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide from water. KDF media has a mild antibacterial, algaecitic, and fungicitic effect, and may reduce the accumulation of lime scale. Change this filter annually, even if it is used to purify less than 5 gallons per day.

Stages 5 & 6 -- 1 Micron High Capacity Pleated Carbon Filter: Installed in the middle (center) vertical stage, this filter has the highest capacity for removing sediment, blocking all particulate matter down to 1 micron, without affecting water pressure. This filter must be changed annually even if less than five gallons of water are filtered daily. Two are included with the annual refill kits. This filter has multiple functions, including:
• Trapping particles as small as 1 micron, including particles from the KDF/GAC filter in the left vertical stage (which is why it is critical to flush the KDF/GAC filter first, prior to installing this and the subsequent .5 micron filter).
• Adsorbing chlorine (which might be present if that is being used in your municipal water supply treatment)
• Improving the water's odor (which affects its taste).
• Ensuring water is crystal clear and great tasting.

Stages 7 & 8 -- .5 Micron MTBE/VOC/Lead/Mercury Microfilter: This is the right vertical stage of the unit. This filter must be changed annually even if less than five gallons of water are purified daily. This filter has multiple functions, including:
• Trapping particles down to .5 microns.
• Removing chlorine, odors, dissolved and particulate lead, mercury (up to 99.5% removal rate for lead and mercury), giardia, cryptosporidium, entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts. A unique feature of this filter, which makes it especially important for well water, is the filtration of MTBE and VOCs – contaminants that very few filtration systems can remove.

Annual Cost of Operation: $390 Per Year (= $1.07 a day) (plus taxes)

Cost Per Gallon: $0.21; Cost Per Litre: 4.7 Cents

- Replacement Filters (Individual)
- Annual Replacement Filter Kits (select store code 23823 for this model)


OPUS recommends all water/plumbing products be installed by professionals. Be sure to flush the filters in the proper order before hooking up and using the whole system, as indicated in the Installation Guide.

Unfortunately, due to their size and weight, OPUS water filters and water systems no longer qualify for free shipping; our Shipping Department will follow-up with a quote before proceeding with the order.