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Zadro - Nano-UV Disinfection Sanitizer
Zadro - Nano-UV Disinfection Sanitizer
Zadro - Nano-UV Disinfection Sanitizer

Zadro - Nano-UV Disinfection Sanitizer

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Info: Handheld Water & Surface Disinfection Device

Shipping included in Canada. Now you can help stop the spread of infectious diseases - from the most common cold and flu bugs to the deadly E. coli, Asian bird flu and SARS viruses - with this innovative UV disinfection light scanner from Zadro. In addition, this dual purpose device can disinfect water, which can also pose a risk when you are travelling or drawing it from an untreated source (like lakes, rivers, or ponds while you are doing something outdoors). In either case, this handy device safely kills 99.9% of targeted germs, in either 10 seconds (per pass, for surfaces) or 40 seconds (for 2 cups of water).

Product Notes:

It's a fact: 90% of cold and flu germs are spread indoors; these nasty micro-organisms can live up to 72 hours on surfaces, and may cause up to 10 colds per year for the average school-aged child. And a variety of other infections and illnesses can also be spread and acquired through touching surfaces.

Proven effective by independent laboratories worldwide, this scanner emits ultra-violet light that disinfects surfaces and kills 99.9% of E-Coli, staphylococcus, salmonella, and germs with no toxins or side effects. (Download the Nano Ultra Violet Disinfection Scanner Performance Claims [PDF ~99k], for the same light which was mounted on a different model.)

Effective surface disinfection with no harmful chemicals! Possible uses including public restrooms, door handles, hotel pillows, gym equipment, staff kitchen utensils, computer keyboards, office phones, children's toys... just about anywhere dangerous germs might hide. Surfaces become virtually germ-free after a quick 10-second sweep over the area with the unit held about half an inch above the surface (that interval is automatic when you activate it). (Although much larger surfaces, such as an entire bed, would take much longer/many passes, since the light has to shine on every part.)

Or use it to disinfect your drinking (or ice), coffee, or cooking water when you're traveling, hiking, canoeing, or camping, or if there's a temporary problem with your city's water supply. Simply unfold the UV-light out of its holding chamber so it extends below the unit, and immerse it into a glass or water bottle, up to the sensor pins (which must be touching water in order for it to work), and stir it around for 40 seconds (or longer, if there is more than 500 ml of water in the container).

This small unit slides easily into any purse or coat pocket ...a great gift idea! The UV-Bulb is rated for 6,000 hours of operation. It uses four standard AAA batteries, and has a low-power indicator to cue when to replace them.

The Nano UV-A + UV-B + UV-C light uses multi-wavelength between 185-365 nanometers. Ultraviolet C-light is same technology already proven effective in hospitals, water treatment plants, food processing plants, air cleaners, toothbrush sanitizers, etc.

The Nano UV Disinfection Scanner is designed to stop the spread of infectious diseases by safely killing surface germs and waterborne illnesses using proven Ultra Violet Light technology in a compact handheld device.

  • Contains a UV light proven to kill bacterial and viral DNA after a 10 second scan on any surface when the light is in its chamber under the unit (as shown here); or after a 40 second scan in 500 ml (2 cups) of water when the light is flipped out and extended below the unit and immersed in the water up to the sensor pins (as shown in main photo above).
  • Lightweight & convenient, portable scanner: about the size of a small remote control device for a VCR.
  • Operates on 4 AAA batteries.
  • Proven effective for home, office and travel use.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 2" x 1.75"

EPA #: 84105-HKG-001 / US Patent No. 7888657 B1 / Model: NANO15.

The Nano-UV Dual Disinfection Scanner Water & Surface Disinfection User Manual [PDF ~1.2 mb] is available for download here.


This an ultraviolet light; do not look directly at the light when it is emitting. Do not use on any part of the body. Lightbulb contains mercury. Do not use when pregnant. Do not let children use.
UPC Code: 705004419772