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Introduction to Green Food Supplements

By Nathan Zassman

Research has proven that those who consume higher quantities of vegetables and fruits have lower rates of disease and live longer. Super green food powder products make it easy to increase your daily consumption of health enhancing plant nutrients, called phytochemicals.

Some of these drinks taste better than others, but they all bring great health benefits. I believe everyone should begin each day with a green drink mixed in water and consumed first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Many green foods provide in a single glass the equivalent of ten servings of fruit and vegetables.

Some people add additional green foods to amplify their green food drink, such as spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, or Acai powder. Super Green Food powders can provide a variety of health benefits, lowering your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. As you can see, we have a comprehensive selection of green food products.

Unless you eat 7-10 servings a day of fruits and vegetables, you aren't getting the plant based nutrition you need for optimum health, so this is an easy way to ensure you are getting vital disease protecting, health enhancing nutrition from micro algae, fruits and vegetables in an easy to make drink.

The best products include Pure Synergy, NanoGreens 10, Boku Organic Super Food, Green Vibrance, Barleans (which makes a great chocolate flavor green food drink that's great for children who won't eat their vegetables) and the Schinoussa products, and you can improve any green food by adding two or three tablespoons of rice bran solubles, to add important immune system enhancing plant sterols that bring a wide array of health benefits.

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