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SousVide Supreme - Water Oven - Sous Vide Machine SousVide Supreme - Water Oven - Sous Vide Machine
Cooking delicious, flavourful food has never been so simple
MM - Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Caps MM - Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Caps
A low-THC cannabis sativa EFA supplement.
Amaze Heater - Ceramic Panel Wall Heater Amaze Heater - Ceramic Panel Wall Heater
A high efficiency convection heater.
Aviva - Sleep Light Package (Lamp & Bulbs) Aviva - Sleep Light Package (Lamp & Bulbs)
Adjustable desk lamp and perfect lighting for the evening.
TheraLite - Mood & Energy Enhancing SAD Light TheraLite - Mood & Energy Enhancing SAD Light
For those experiencing symptoms of light deficiency
A. Vogel - Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray A. Vogel - Echinaforce Sore Throat Spray
A convenient way to take Echinacea every day.
Vitamix - Ascent Blender A2300/A2500 Vitamix - Ascent Blender A2300/A2500
The most versatile appliance you'll ever own!
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Winnipeg Customers:Winnipeg Customers: 
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Everything for healthy living. Aviva promotes a holistic approach to your health and well-being through proper nutrition and a healthy, natural lifestyle.

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In addition to natural health news and articles, we're proud to offer you a wide range of carefully selected natural health products. Search above or browse the directory below, you'll find items for every aspect of your healthy lifestyle. Our hope is that we will have the opportunity to help you enjoy that healthy lifestyle day in and day out.

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