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Beautiful Hair Color

Natural Hair Dye

A large number of men and women today enjoy colouring their hair. Unfortunately, many mass-market hair dyes contain a slew of harsh chemicals (including some already banned in Europe) that can cause adverse skin and hair reactions in some people. Continued exposure to these chemicals over time can be very hard on your hair and is certainly not ideal for those trying maintain the health of their hair and scalp.

Organic Hair Color Ingredients: Aviva is proud to carry natural hair colouring products in dozens of colours from Hair Wonder, Henna Plus, Herbatint, Naturigin, and Sanotint.

Chemical-free? All-natural? While no 'permanent' dyes are 100% chemical-free, paraben-free products such as these that contain organic ingredients are much healthier alternatives to the mainstream dyes that cause problems for so many people.

One of the specific components present in many hair colours that causes allergic reactions is called p-Phenylenediamine (usually abbreviated as PPD), which is a chemical colouring agent found in rubber and textiles in addition to hair dye. For those looking to specifically avoid the use of this agent, the Colour & Care, Long Lasting Colour and Sanotint Light natural hair colour lines are formulated without the use of PPD.

More on PPD > What's the Difference Between PPD, Toluene-2,5 Diamine Sulfate, and Phenylenediamines?

Natural Hair Dye on Display

Overview: Natural Hair Colour Products

Sanotint Classic - Uses many natural ingredients, and is much gentler than many permanent hair colour products, but does use some PPD. Para Phenylenediamine (PPD) may cause skin irritation in some people, and is a chemical dye that some people wish to avoid. Paraben and ammonia free formulation. Contains golden millet, herbal extracts, vitamin B5, and biotin. Sanotint Classic uses less PPD than other permanent hair colours, and many who react to PPD have used Sanotint Classic without skin irritation, but Sanotint Light is a safer recommendation for those with skin sensitivities.

Sanotint Light

Similar to Sanotint, but does not use PPD. Paraben, ammonia, and PPD-free. Contains golden millet, herbal extracts, vitamin B5, and biotin. From Italy.

Hair Wonder - by Frenchtop (Holland)

This is a permanent hair colour that is PPD, paraben and ammonia free. Contains nine certified organic ingredients, including argan oil, hops, chamomile, melissa, rosemary, ginseng and green tea extract. Probably the most gentle of all hair colour products sold by Aviva.

Henna Plus Long Lasting Color - by Frenchtop (Holland)

This is similar to Hair Wonder (same company) but it uses some ammonia in its formula. Ammonia allows the colour to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively, resulting in a more permanent hair colour. Despite the (very confusing) name, Henna Plus does NOT use henna. Contains Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, and herbal extracts, including certified organic sunflower seed extract. Paraben-free. PPD- free. With ammonia, this formulation is the most permanent of the natural hair colours available at Aviva.

The most toxic and carcinogenic chemical used in permanent hair colour products is PPD (Para PhenyleneDiamine). Products that do not use PPD use chemicals called Toluenediamines, which are Phenylenediamines, but without the 'para' prefix. Toluendiamines, or Phenylenediamines are far less toxic (4 out of 10 on the toxicity scale) than Para PhenyleneDiamines which are a '10' on the toxicity scale. Toluenediamines and Phenylenediamines are less toxic and cause less skin irritation than PPD.

All products listed here are free of parabens. Natural hair colour products may be significantly better than conventional commercial hair dyes from a health perspective, but all permanent hair colours do require some chemicals to work. There is no such thing as a permanent hair colour that is completely chemical free. The PPD-free products do use related chemicals (toluene diamines) that are much less toxic than PPD, but some people may still react to the PPD- free chemicals.

Henna Plus Men's Own

Quick and easy, 5-minute application that last up to six weeks, with slow fading colour. Contains no henna. Contains no parabens. Contains many natural herbs, including boswellia, many botanical herbs and extracts. Ammonia and PPD-free.


Naturigin works to create safer products with the finest and purest organic ingredients that comply with their demands for high performance. Safer for you, and safer for the environment!

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