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Water Bottles for Hydration and Better Health

Sometimes the maintenance of natural health can be as simple as regular hydration with clean, purified water, and the key to this is regular access. However, given the busy schedules we often keep, it can sometimes be difficult to take the time and effort to get such access regularly, and this is why a good water bottle is an indispensable accessory for anyone interested in maintaining good health. But what exactly constitutes a good water bottle?

First, you want to make sure the bottle doesn't contain contaminants that will leach into your water - BPA-free plastic is a good choice, and glass is even better. You will also want to consider factors of portability, desired volume, and whether you intend to use the bottle simply for water or also for hot and other beverages. A multiflask system can be an excellent option for use with hot and cold beverages, while glass bottles coated with safety shell material give you all the benefits of glass while reducing breakability and preventing shattering.

In addition to these considerations, you will also want to think about the purity of your water source; use a water filtration system, or buy a bottle with a filter built in.

Further, you may want to check out bottles made for specific purposes -- such as those designed to let your child bring water or healthy juices to school for lunch - or a variety of accessories that can help you further tailor your bottle to your needs, including various lids, caps, holders, and insulators.

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