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Health Solutions for Beds and Bedding

As we spend a third of our lives in bed, choosing the right mattress is one of our most important health decisions. Made with certified organic Dunlop latex, organic cotton and pure virgin wool, Nature's Embrace produces the world's most comfortable, supportive, and health-promoting mattresses.

Nature's Embrace mattresses create a hypo-allergenic sleep sanctuary that naturally inhibits the dust mites and bacteria that can cause allergic reactions. The firm-yet-comfortable natural latex foam cradles and supports sore and tired muscles, helping to alleviate back pain. Latex reduces pressure points that cause tossing and turning by up to 80% when compared to mattresses made with memory foam or pocket coils.

Experience the health benefits of deep, restorative, uninterrupted sleep with an organic mattress. With an industry-leading 25-year warranty, a Nature's Embrace mattress is an investment in your health.


Aviva carries a number of natural and organic latex mattresses, shown above, as well as a variety of 5" and 10" foundations, beautiful solid wood platform beds, and metal bed frames with zero VOC paint and strong central crossbars, designed specifically to properly support heavy natural latex mattresses.

We also offer a quality selection of bedding products, including natural and organic duvets/comforters; natural and organic sheets; mattress toppers; and a large selection of pillows. Aviva recommends mattress protectors and pillow protectors to protect your new bed, including the PureCare Celliant products, made of miracle Celliant fibre, proven to increase blood oxygenation and circulation during sleep, while helping to stabilize body temperature.

For general information on how to select the best mattress for your needs, please follow this link for an article on Selecting a Mattress. For an explanation of the merits of organic mattresses in particular, please see our article, Why an Organic Mattress?

The organic latex mattresses listed above are the centrepieces of our bedding department. Latex is an excellent choice of mattress material for good health. It is supportive and resilient, and naturally resistant to dust mites and other potential allergy triggers. In addition, it does not off-gas like synthetic memory foam. It is long lasting, as guaranteed by the long warranties on latex mattresses.

Knowing that you will need bedding support appropriate for the weight and proper ventilation of your latex mattress, we also sell a variety of foundations and platform beds. Making sure you have the right support system for your mattress is important, as inadequate support can render your warranty void. To help with this, we have a number of options, including freestanding foundations and platform beds that eliminate the need for a foundation. We also sell non-freestanding foundations as well as frames strong enough to support them.

Given that many warranties specify as a condition that mattresses should be stain-free, it is also a good idea to buy a guard to stand between your mattress and any stains or spills that occur in the bed. For this purpose you can use a mattress topper or pad and, to be even safer, a mattress protector. To ensure you can start guarding your new bed from your first day of ownership, we offer a variety of toppers, pads, and mattress protectors.

Having ensured the protection and support of your mattress, you will want to furnish it with the healthiest bedding possible. We sell a range of organic and natural sheets, duvets and pillowcases, with some specially designed for deterring dust mites and other allergens, and others designed for connecting you to the ground in earthing therapy (which many experts in natural health believe can help lower inflammation and reduce pain).

Pillows, too, are an integral part of your sleep experience, and we offer a variety of pillows resistant to allergens (made from Kapok or latex) and designed to maintain healthy neck and head alignment while you sleep.

In addition to all this, we know you will want to give your kids a sleep experience as healthy as yours, so naturally we have a section of our store devoted to healthy bedding and sleep products designed for children.


We want to help you achieve a superior night's sleep, alleviate pain, and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well-being. With our commitment to excellence in service, quality, and attention to detail, we aim to serve you with the greatest care, and help you to sleep and live better.

Visit Us!

You can view a selection of natural and organic latex beds manufactured by Nature's Embrace at Aviva's Winnipeg location. We can ship our products throughout much of Canada, and we welcome customers from outside of Winnipeg to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Nature's Embrace and related bedding materials by Natura Canada. You can call us toll-free (866) 947-6789.


Please note that the pricing including free shipping only applies to the local Winnipeg market. Bed delivery to locations outside of Winnipeg will in most cases require additional shipping and handling costs. We welcome orders from all locations; you will be contacted by an Aviva representative who will verify your pricing and delivery details prior to order processing and shipping. Beds in Winnipeg can be viewed in our showroom (with sleep trial centre) at 1224 St. James St., Winnipeg MB.

Also, please note that all personal items including bedding products are final sale. Many bedding products are made to order; please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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