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Many people visiting our store expecting to find only health foods and supplements are surprised that Aviva offers a far broader selection of products than that. In fact, it's more like a full-fledged Department Store (albeit on a single floor), which is organized into two main 'parent' categories: the thousands of items For Your Body (mostly to put on or in them) offered in the earlier sub-categories; and the hundreds of items For Your Home in the current one.

The reason for this is simple: maintaining good health isn't simply a function of one's genetic endowment, bodily chemistry, and nutrients, but also one's environment -- in particular, the quality of the foods we prepare and the air we breathe and the water we drink, cook, or bathe in, and also the accommodations for us to sit on, rest in, or move around in, among other things...and even the light. 

Accordingly, some of the main components of the present category are:

* A vast array of Kitchen & Cookware -- including not only top quality pots, pans and accessories by Fissler and Silit, and bakeware; but also digital scales, blenders (especially by Vitamix), Grinders/Grain Mills/Flakers, and other small appliances; and all manner of kitchen gadgets.

* A variety of quality air or water purification systems and humidifiers for the home, including some professional models, as well as replacement filters or accessories for them, plus some versions for when you're on the go, including water bottles and portable water treatment options.

* Lighting options -- we offer both full spectrum and high intensity lights and bulbs for addressing sleep or Seasonal Affective Disorders, as well as lights to help certain skin conditions.

* Items for the Bath room, including digital weight scales; rejuvenating salts, brushes or scrubbers for you while you bathe; and filters to take the chlorine or other chemicals out of your shower water. 

Beds & Bedding -- including not only the accoutrements of Sheets, Pillows, and Mattress Toppers & Pads, but also the actual Mattresses and Foundations or Platforms, most featuring organic materials.

* Seating / Furniture -- including not only exercise ball chairs and high tech stools to help keep you more active while you sit, but even some top flight massage chairs.

* And because so many homes have dogs or cats who enhance the quality of life of their occupants and those pets have health needs of their own, we are proud to offer a selection of Pet Health products.

* Finally, we also carry an assortment of Laundry & Cleaning products and supplies, which provide natural alternatives to the usual chemical or synthetic fare that can be so harsh to both our health and the environment.

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