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Inversion Tables and Back Therapy Equipment for Natural Back Pain Relief

One health concern that can nag at many otherwise healthy people is chronic back pain. Inversion therapy aims to address the root of these difficulties and ease back pain.

How does inversion therapy treat back pain? Inversion focuses on alleviating the vertebrae and disc compression in the back. Using an inversion table allows you to relax, this relaxed state takes much of the strain and tension off the body, easing back muscles, and disc pressure. While not a suitable solution for all, studies have shown that inversion therapy is safe. Some users report that inversion back therapy has eased pain, increased mobility and allowed them to better enjoy other physical activities.

Inversion tables and products from companies like Invertrac and Teeter may help reduce pressure on the intervertebral disks, helping alleviate pain while improving circulation, and accelerating healing. If you're interested in inversion therapy for back problems, you can discuss the benefits with your family doctor or an inversion therapy expert at Aviva to see how it could help you.

Aviva is your source for therapeutic back support and inversion equipment in Canada. Contact us toll free at (866) 947-6789 or visit 1224 St. James Street in Winnipeg.

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