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Foundations, Frames, and Platform Beds

As high quality latex mattresses are much heavier than cheaper spring or foam mattresses with lightweight filler, most latex mattress companies advise that the support system you use for your mattress should have appropriate specifications. Not only does this ensure that the bed frame or foundation is strong enough to properly support the mattress, but it also ensures that the mattress has enough space around it for necessary air circulation. Investing in a quality support system for your  mattress will pay off in the long run.

One of the major benefits of latex mattresses is that they are covered by warranty for long periods of time, and therefore last much longer than cheaper mattresses. However, these guarantees assume appropriate use and care, which require appropriate support. Failure to provide such support may constitute a breach of warranty. So if you are already investing in a latex mattress, it is worth it to buy support that will give your mattress as long a lifespan and warranty as possible.

There are a number of option available. Foundations are a standard option, and do not include a bed frame, though one can choose between freestanding foundations with wooden legs, and foundations with a heavy-duty metal frame sufficiently strong to support a latex mattress.

Moving beyond the minimalist foundations, platform beds are complete bed frames designed for the purpose of supporting the weight of latex. These are available in a variety of styles, and can be bought along with your latex mattress.

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