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Beds and Bedding

We want to help increase your comfort, alleviate your pain, and improve your overall well-being with unique and exceptional sleep systems. Featuring certified organic Dunlop latex, organic cotton and pure virgin wool, Nature's Embrace produces the world's most comfortable, supportive, hypo-allergenic, and health-promoting mattresses, and have an industry-leading 25-year warranty.

Free shipping is included for mattresses delivered to the first-floor of homes or apartments in the Winnipeg area. Additional charges may apply for those living elsewhere. Please contact us for details.

We also offer extra-strong mattress foundations, metal bed frames, beautiful solid wood platform beds, and adjustable bases to put them on, as well as a top quality selection of bedding products including natural and organic duvets/comforters, sheets, pads, toppers, pillows, and both mattress and pillow protectors to keep your investment free of stains, mites, bugs, and allergens. A selection of earthing products including sheets and pillow cases is also available.

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