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If you are seeking a baby puddle pad or a mattress pad or mattress protector for a Crib, please see our Children's/Baby Bedding subcategory.

Why Mattress Toppers and Pads?

You have your new natural or organic mattress, as well as a foundation or platform bed designed to support its weight; what else could you need? Unfortunately, too many people think like this, and they therefore encounter an unpleasant surprise when they require warranty protection on their mattresses. Even if stains or other impurities have nothing to do with the mattress's actual problem, a manufacturer may cite improper protection of the mattress as a reason for declaring the warranty void. The safest way to avoid this unfortunate scenario is to use a mattress topper or protector, which can help preserve your mattress in close-to-new conditions so that there are no grounds for dismissing your warranty.

Mattress protectors and toppers also have health and protection benefits of their own. A topper not only provides an extra layer of material that stands between your mattress and accidental spills/stains, but also provides extra cushioning for the body; some even have hypoallergenic effects for deterring dust mites and bacteria.

Protectors are thinner, and do not provide extra cushioning, but are nonetheless protective against spills and stains, and often feature other benefits. Many use silver as a means of deterring dust mites and allergens; some include an aromatherapy component for lavish and soothing scented bedding; and some are made from celliant fibre to aid in increased blood oxygen levels, circulation, and healing.

Whether you have just purchased a new mattress from us, or are beginning to think you might need further protection or padding for a mattress you already own, Aviva is a perfect place to pick up bedding protection and padding designed with your health in mind.

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