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ATA Mg - The Brain Magnesium

Video Transcription (Synapharm)

ATA Mg is a patented highly-bioavailable compound of magnesium and acetyl taurine developed by Synapharm. This compound contains a magnesium atom that will bind two taurine molecules whose amine function has been acetylated. This acetylation facilitates the passage of membrane phospholipids resulting in better penetration of magnesium and taurine into the cells.

Regarding its absorption in the human body, ATA Mg has first of all a high intestinal bioavailability. The intestinal absorption of ATA Mg is 20%-50% higher than other magnesium salts. In addition, ATA Mg is very well tolerated in the intestine, unlike other magnesium salts. After its intestinal absorption, ATA Mg is widely distributed throughout the body, with much greater penetration into the brain due to its molecular structure. Indeed, the lipophilic character facilitates the passage of membrane phospholipids so that ATA Mg is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and penetrate neuronal cells.

The brain functions through an interconnected network of billions of neurons. Nerve impulses pass from one nerve cell to another via areas of connections between neurons called synapses. The ability of the nervous system to make and break connections is called synaptic plasticity. This plasticity is crucial for brain function and is involved in many brain functions, including learning, memory, cognition, and emotional regulation.

Synaptic plasticity is a complex process and NMDA receptors are one of the key mechanisms involved in this plasticity. The NMDA receptor is regulated in a very precise way. Under normal conditions, glutamate, excitatory neurotransmitter, is released by a pre-synaptic neuron. It will bind to NMDA receptors on the postsynaptic neuron. This allows a magnesium output and a moderate and controlled calcium entry, which is important for intracellular signaling and synaptic plasticity. However, excessive activation of NMDA receptors which may be due to excess glutamate or magnesium deficiency can result in excessive calcium entry and cause damage to neuronal cells leading to the development of various neurological disorders such as stress, anxiety, headaches, mood, and memory disorders.

ATA Mg, by passing the blood-brain barrier, is able to modulate the activation of the NMDA receptor and can thus act on neuro-excitation and ultimately improve synaptic plasticity. Through this mechanism, ATA Mg can prevent or relieve all related disorders. ATA Mg acts on the brain and reduces stress, anxiety, irritability, depression, fatigue, cognitive decline, migraine, and headaches.

ATA Mg is a patented ingredient developed by Synapharm - highly bioavailable with rapid brain absorption and cognitive and brain function.

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