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BioSil for Skin with Dr. Briké

Video Transcription - BioSil® for Skin with Dr. Briké

BioSil, advanced collagen generators. Beautiful skin can now be yours. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 30%. Increase skin elasticity 89%. Clinically proven. The truth is, we all want beautiful skin. It makes us look better, feel better, and have more confidence. But what really makes skin beautiful? We'll make you familiar with the three scientific principles behind achieving beautiful skin.

The three scientific principles of beautiful skin:

  • One, create a smooth skin surface by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Two, add skin resilience by increasing elasticity.
  • Three, keep skin well hydrated from the inside.

In fact, if you listen to the cosmetic companies, it seems all you have to do to restore youthful-looking skin is rub the latest variety of lotions and potions on your face. The reality is, topical treatments can only hide skin flaws and not really so well. Then they wash out, leaving the condition of your skin unchanged.

Most women don't realize that real and natural beauty is created underneath the skin. It all has to do with collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, or GAGs. Most importantly, 75% of the skin is composed of collagen protein. Collagen gives structural support to the skin by forming what we call a collagen matrix, a network of collagen fibres that holds the skin in place.

During youth, there's an abundance of collagen fibres. These continue to push the skin out from beneath the surface. Collagen gives youthful skin its smooth and supple appearance and prevents wrinkles from forming. Starting in our early 20s, collagen production begins to diminish.

By the age of 40, we lose collagen faster and faster, as much as 1% per year. During the first five years of menopause, women lose as much as 30% of their skin collagen. See how the collagen changes from a dense matrix to a sparse structure? Spaces start forming between the fibres. That's where skin literally caves in to form wrinkles.

Clearly, depleted collagen is the problem. The solution is a clinically proven compound known as choline stabilized orthosilicic acid or ch-OSA. The name of this compound is BioSil. BioSil is safe and natural and has been clinically proven to generate collagen. Because it works through your body's natural collagen-generating pathways, it's collagen with your own DNA fingerprint.

In fact, in a landmark clinical trial, women taking BioSil reduced wrinkles by a full 30% and increased skin elasticity by 89%. That brings us to the second principle, skin elasticity.

Think about it – you laugh, you frown, you raise your eyebrows in surprise, yet your face doesn't crack. That's elasticity at work. Elasticity gives your skin its ability to bounce back. Today, we know that skin elasticity is absolutely essential in creating and maintaining wonderfully smooth skin. And what creates skin elasticity? The protein, elastin. But like collagen, elastin diminishes with age, and insufficient elastin makes your skin vulnerable to wrinkling.

BioSil is capable of reducing wrinkles by 30% and increasing skin elasticity by up to 89%. But what about hydrating your skin from the inside out? Earlier I mentioned that real and natural beauty is created underneath the skin. GAGs, or glucosaminoglycans, are skin structures that pull in and hold onto water beneath the skin's surface in the dermis.

That's why GAGs are called moisture magnets. BioSil restores the rich collagen matrix that strongly anchors these moisture magnets in the dermis. Skin that's rich with inner moisture is truly rehydrated skin. So, once again, BioSil fulfills the three scientific goals for beautiful skin: reduction of wrinkles, increase of skin elasticity, and optimal hydration of the skin's deeper layers.

BioSil reduces wrinkles by 30%. BioSil increases skin elasticity by 89%. BioSil creates optimal subsurface skin hydration. BioSil, advanced collagen generators.

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