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Foods and Supplements to Cleanse the Colon Naturally

Molly Allman

People who suffer with symptoms, such as constipation, bloating, backache, headache, fatigue or a bloated abdomen can benefit from eating foods that flush the toxins from their body that cause these discomforts. These symptoms only get worse, until something is done to rid the gastrointestinal tract of any built up wastes and toxins. Using foods to help cleanse the colon will boost your energy, make you healthier and eliminate the discomforts caused by these harmful waste materials. The main cause of buildup in the bowels are the processed foods we choose to eat each day, so eating healthy is one of the best ways to help the colon do its job.

Acai Berry

Acai berry is one of the best natural colon cleanse supplements on the market. It has several benefits that include improving digestion, giving the body high levels of fiber and cleansing and detoxifying the body, while providing essential vitamins and strengthening the immune system. Some of best all natural colon cleanse products include acai berry extract. Using a natural colon cleanse containing acai berry not only improves healthy and digestion, but also aids in weight loss. It helps reduce the waistline and shed those stubborn excess pounds.

Psyllium and Probiotics

Psyllium is another supplement that is included in the best natural colon cleansing products. Psyllium is a bulk laxative. It does not cause diarrhea or lead to dependence when used to maintain regular bowel movements. Lubricants, stimulants and saline laxatives can all cause side effects and lead to cramping or diarrhea. Psyllium has no side effects, making it one of the best natural colon cleansing ingredients. Psyllium husk works by expanding in the stomach, creating a clear jelly-like substance that helps flush debris and toxins from the colon. Probiotics are used in the best natural colon cleanse supplements as well, as they are friendly bacteria that help regulate the bowels and improve colon function.

Beans and Berries

Beans and berries are both some of the best natural colon cleansing foods. Blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are rich in natural fibers that help eliminate wastes from the colon. Just one serving of blackberries has about eight grams of fiber and this is about one-third of an adult's daily recommended allowance. Black beans are also some of the best natural colon cleansing foods. One serving contains about 15 grams of plant-based fiber that helps flush out the colon. Beans that are cooked thoroughly do not produce as much gas during digestion. Enjoy the benefits of lentils, split peas and lima beans as all are of good colon cleansing foods.

There are natural alternatives to harsh laxatives and colon cleansing products. Natural foods and supplements are better for the body and help the colon begin to work on its own again, without stimulates and side effects.

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