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Sitram Cybernox Cookware (Video)

Video Transcription

Welcome to the world of Cybernox, cookware for the next millennium.

Cybernox is new. Cybernox is hot. Cybernox changes everything. A revolutionary new cooking surface that’s stick resistant for a lifetime. Cybernox makes all other cooking surfaces obsolete.

What is Cybernox? Discovered in France by aerospace engineers, Cybernox is a remarkable, breakthrough alloy. Formed from various multi metals, Cybernox is stick resistant, provides perfect heat distribution, and is more durable than steel.

Under extreme heat and pressure, this super hard alloy actually fuses as part of the pan itself. It becomes integrated into the 18/10 stainless steel. It’s not just another wear prone surface coating.

Because Cybernox is metal and only metal, its stick resistant surface won’t peel, blister, warp, or flake — not like conventional non-stick products we’ve all known and used. Sure, these products may work well at first, but performance eventually gives over time, deteriorating with use and abuse. Not Cybernox from Sitram.

How well does Cybernox perform? Cybernox’s stick resistant cooking surface delivers benefits that no other pan can rival, especially in your home. Food cooks better with Cybernox. This revolutionary new cooking surface ensures perfect, even browning.

The secret is the patented alloy surface. It distributes heat perfectly even, with no troublesome hotspots, providing a constant flow of heat over the entire surface. Food tastes better with Cybernox.

Heat searing seals in natural juices, dramatically intensifying flavor. Veggies retain their appetizing colors.

Cybernox is metal utensil safe. Not even superficial scratches can compromise its stick resistant properties. What may appear to be scratches at first will more likely be rubbed on deposits from softer metal utensils. Imagine that. A stick resistant pan that wears out metal utensils. Cybernox from Sitram is that tough.

How do you care for your Cybernox pan? In order for you to enjoy these amazing benefits, Cybernox must be used and cared for precisely as suggested in the use and care manual.

The first time you use Cybernox, put it through a complete dishwasher cycle, or wash the surface with liquid soap, then dry with a paper towel or cloth.

The key to cooking with Cybernox is temperature control. When cooking without butter, margarine, or oil, always preheat for two to three minutes at medium heat. Heat settings vary from stove to stove, so practice makes perfect.

Once preheated, sprinkle drops of water on the pan. If they sizzle into tiny drops, you’re ready to go. If the water evaporates, let the pan cool before cooking. Stir the food a touch when first placed on the pan. This will allow the food to release even easier.

Cybernox is designed for low-fat cooking. You’ll use less butter, margarine, or oil. Just a thin layer will do. Fried eggs require just a dab of butter or margarine to help prevent sticking. Simply add butter to a cold pan and set to medium heat. When it starts to bubble, add food and then adjust the heat as you normally would.

Remember, most oils, butter, and margarine burn at 360 degrees Fahrenheit, and Cybernox heats up quickly.

Cybernox’s smooth, hard surface is literally a cinch to clean. Most foods simply wash off with hot, soapy water. For more stubborn, burned or heavy food residue, use your favorite scouring pad. That’s right, Cybernox from Sitram is durable enough to take it.

Unlike other non-stick pans, Cybernox is the only stick resistant cooking surface recommended for dishwasher use.

Food slips off it, you can’t destroy it, and performance won’t diminish over time. This is the new frontier in cooking, and Cybernox from Sitram is leading the way.

Cybernox, a patented, stick resistant cooking surface more durable than steel.

Cybernox, a revolutionary alloy surface that makes all other cooking surfaces obsolete.

Cybernox from Sitram, cookware for the next millennium

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