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Naturally Freshen Your Indoor Air

As Helen Keller once said, “Smell is the sense that reaches deeply and quickly into our emotional center to evoke feelings and memories of our past.” When the brain perceives odors, pleasant or unpleasant memories can be invoked instantly, often bringing back thoughts of wonderful childhood memories. Cookies warming in the oven, or in my case, the aroma of freshly baked bread or cinnamon buns, which my father often made during my childhood.

Natural essential oils of citrus and fine herbs have been used for centuries for healing body, mind and spirit, and can be used to improve the environment in your home, car or office. Essential oils can be used to help relieve anxiety, to invigorate, and to heal.

lavenderThe wonderful smell of lavender, without question the most popular of all essential oils used by aromatherapists (experts in using essential oils for healing), can help induce sleep and reduce anxiety, especially if applied (either on your body, or atomized in the air) twenty minutes before bedtime.

AROMATHERAPY DIFFUSERS: The use of pure essential oils has been proven to kill airborne pathogens including bacteria and fungi. Aviva recommends the use of aromatherapy diffusers which can effectively spread wonderful aromas in areas up to 2000 square feet, including ultrasonic essential oil diffusers from Le Comptoir Aroma.


An interesting twist to the use of aromatherapy is the subtle addition of scents into the environments of retail stores. Samsung has used the scent of honeydew melon, emanating from hidden ceiling mounted diffusers, as marketing wizards know that pleasing scents can help put an emotional spin on products, helping to improve sales. Westin Hotels has been scenting its lobbies with the aroma of white tea, with such a positive response that many guests have asked to purchase white tea scented candles, as they want the same wonderful aroma in their home. Recent studies indicate that pleasant scents that are integrated into specific sales areas can increase the amount of time a buyer will spend with a product, and increase a customer’s willingness to pay more for the product. Clothing stores have found that by using the scent of vanilla, sales of women’s clothing has increased, while the use of “rose maroc” has helped to increase the sale of men’s clothing.

Realtors know that it is easier to sell a home if someone has been baking bread in the oven prior to a viewing. Until some creative company has learned how to make a natural aroma that simulates freshly baked bread, we feel that natural citrus and essential oil products are the next best thing, as they can bring a warm, wonderful, and inviting atmosphere into your home, car or office.

ATOMIZERS: Aviva carries a wide variety of air fresheners that use natural ingredients for a natural scent that freshens the air without harsh chemicals or strong perfumes. At Aviva, we feel that using an atomizer with a refreshing natural scent can not only help eliminate undesirable odors, they can also be used to simply make your environment more enjoyable. Plus, many are available in a small pocket size.

Many popular air freshener products use synthetic chemicals or perfumes to mask odors, and for many, these strong smells trigger allergies or can be more offensive than the odors they are designed to eliminate. Synthetic chemical based air fresheners may be effective at eliminating odors, but these unnatural chemicals may pose their own health risks. Aviva does not recommend air fresheners that use synthetic chemicals or artificial perfumes. We feel that natural oils from citrus fruits or essential oils like vanilla, lavender, cinnamon and ginger that are naturally produced are safe and non toxic. Aviva recommends natural air freshener atomizer products by Citrus Magic, Aura Cacia, and Air Scense. These products use natural methods of atomizing essential oils, creating an ultra fine mist that eliminates odors with natural citrus or essential oil scents.

While the use of atomizers and diffusers can bring remarkable improvements to the atmosphere in your home, car, or office, remember that if you have true air pollution (which can often trigger asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues), Aviva has a large selection of quality, state of the art air purifiers, including HEPA designs that remove up to 99% of all airborne contaminants, including dust mites, mold, airborne viruses, bacteria, pollen, objectionable odors and animal dander. Indoor air can have millions of particles per square foot that are smaller than can be seen with the naked eye, which you are inhaling into your lungs with every breath.

If you combine the air cleaning power of a quality air purifier or filtration system, with the wonderful scents provided by our atomizers and diffusers, you will have an environment that can enhance your health, improve your mood, and even help you sleep.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2007. Nathan Zassman is a trained nutrition practitioner and the owner of Aviva Natural Health Solutions.

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