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About KoMo & FAQ

Traditional. Solid. Sustainable. Enjoy food as nature intended with KoMo grain mills.

At KoMo, we believe that a balanced, wholesome and enjoyable diet involves sourcing food high in quality, taste, and nutrition, and assembling it thoughtfully.

Preparation is key. Experimenting with new ingredients and methods; cooking and baking with passion - these things add even more flavour. Celebrating a sense of culture and special occasions elevates meal times all the more.

We encourage you to use our mills as a means of enjoying and immersing yourself in the age old rituals of food preparation. Appreciate the abundance and diversity that wholesome food can bring; share meals and explore the experience with your loved ones.

After all, there’s quite simply nothing like the aroma of homemade fresh bread wafting from your own “bakery“!

Why Grind Flour?

Yes, it saves you money. But nothing compares to flour that’s been freshly milled – it’s aromatic and bursting with wholesome nutrients! What’s more, on a practical note, whole grain stores well – something the ancient Egyptians knew, and used to their advantage.

They used mills as an efficient and quick means of accessing the nutritional values of grains, much as today we use a can opener for the convenience that canned food offers. Did you know that while industrially produced flours are repeatedly sifted, freshly ground flour contains the entire grain body, including the valuable shell?

Furthermore, freshly milled flour has a unique aroma, owing to the essential oils and the nutrients that are allowed to unfold naturally through milling.

Unsurprisingly, these oils add a further dimension to the taste, in the same way that freshly finest ground coffee has more depth to it than instant coffee.

Everything speaks for itself ...

With KoMo mills, you can finely grind all cereals, legumes, and spices as well as small, non-oily seeds and even coffee beans. The core nutrients and dietary fibres of whole grains such as magnesium, iron, B vitamins, and valuable vegetable proteins remain. Why not give your body what it craves – food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. Once you taste the difference, there’s no going back!

We know what we’re talking about.

We’ve been designing and producing mills for more than 30 years. Our passion and know-how drives the development of our mills – and there’s one thing we’re certain of: our mills deliver. We’re so convinced of the quality of our mills, each one comes with a 12 year warranty.

When it comes to designing our mill casings, we follow the motto:
“Avoid all that is superfluous. Design simply, according to the product needs.“ As much as possible, we use the local resources available to us in production of our mills. We are proud to have developed a long standing partnership with our partners.

Our devices are manufactured with a lot of love, according to the high requirements of all testing authorities. We check each mill by hand before it leaves our factory. And we are dedicated to continually seeking new ways of developing and improving our products. In short, our range of mills:

  • are simple to operate
  • are easy to clean
  • are compact for small kitchens, but also
  • are large enough for families and professionals
  • are soothingly quiet
  • use a gentle but efficient grinding technique
  • offer exact yet easily adjustable grinding options
  • are developed sustainably at every point in the production chain.

At the heart of each of our mills is the unique KoMo grinder. Our grinders are much more than just stones and an engine, and our grinder technology is patented accordingly.

What makes KoMo mills different?

Rugged materials, carefully positioned, ensure a smooth grinding interaction. A spring placed between the grinding stones blocks excessive noise from the grinding process. This way, both the stones and your nerves, are spared.

Our grinding stones are made from corundum ceramics, a composite we discovered in 1985. The corundum ceramic stones allow for an effective but gentle grinding technique. They require a low energy input and don’t need to be sharpened. They offer grinding options from coarse to super fine, are indestructible and resilient. The high quality of our industrial motors is additionally confirmed by a seal from TÜV SÜD in Munich.

Our industrial motors are installed with non-wearing parts. Therefore, they are maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. They run and run and run - for decades, problem free.

The ability to select the precise flour texture you desire is another feature of our mills. Simply rotate the funnel along the scale to adjust flour texture.

Our mill housings, crafted from high-quality wood, are oiled so they can be cleaned with fine sandpaper (even after years of use) and with an application of oil, can once again look like new.

Timelessly beautiful and robust: the KoMo cabinet.

Hard shell, hard core. We pay just as much attention to the exterior of our mills as the interior. Stability and durability are important both for our grinding technology and the housing. We use high quality, local wood – the perfect home for our mills.

Our handcrafted, well-engineered casings are durable and look good. All cabinets are pre-treated with organic vegetable oils; we recommend KoMo mill owners maintain this treatment.

Easy to Use

We believe that mills should give you all possible grinding options: from coarse to super fine, and everywhere in between. The mill should allow you a look inside to check the grinding stones. And importantly, the mill should operate as simply as possible.

With KoMo mills, you can rotate the hopper along its scale to select the degree of grinding you desire, from “very coarse” to “very fine”. If you find that the stones start to wear down – this can happen after many years of use – simply turn the funnel slightly further in the direction “fine”; no other adjustment is necessary.

Our mills open easily without tools: simply turn the hopper approximately two turns in the coarse direction to gain access to the grinder.To ensure a consistent high quality across all our products, we manufacture all our mills exclusively in Austria, where they are hand assembled, checked over by hand and a gluten-free test milling is carried out before shipping.

Living by these standards forms the basis of our daily activities at KoMo. Quality is core to our company philosophy, and our mills are built with a passion that blends engineering with nature, and our gratitude with our passion. It is our hope that each mill transports a piece of our philosophy into your kitchen, and that your KoMo mill offers you a new way of enjoying food and good health!


Which device is the best fit? Basically, you can use the mills to grind any food, as long as it isn’t oily, fatty or wet. What do you want to process? With the help of this table you can quickly find out which machine will process which product.

KoMo Device Comparison Table

Value That Exceeds the Cost?

KoMo devices are manufactured exclusively in Austria and with great attention to detail. This means fair wages and sustainable jobs for us. To support people with disabilities is our deepest conviction and has been for more than 30 years. Therefore our devices are produced in a sheltered workshop in Tyrol, Austria.

This enables our employees to live a self-determined and equal life - and that with equal pay. Each product is thoroughly tested by hand before delivery and finally, by means of electronic entry of the serial number, is precisely documented. We make no compromises when it comes to the materials used.

We only use high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials. In order to avoid long, environmentally damaging transport routes, we rely on regional suppliers - even if they are somewhat more expensive. This goes as far as sustainable packaging which is made of recycled cardboard and does not use plastic. Just like this brochure which was printed on FSC certified paper.

In addition, all our industrial engines receive a certificate from TÜV SÜD in Munich and the wood used in our equipment is PEFC certified - thus we guarantee sustainable, regional forestry.

What Makes the Stones in a KoMo Mill of Such High Quality?

Ceramics and corundum are two of the hardest raw materials in the world and therefore virtually indestructible. Our stones, which are manufactured by experts, are also self-sharpening and therefore virtually wear-free. 

What Happens If I Grind Ingredients That Are Wrong, Too Moist, or Too Oily?

Thanks to our sophisticated technology, in most cases nothing is broken but the millstones only slightly contaminated.

How Can I Clean My Grinding Stones?

  • Fineness adjustment by turning the funnel to coarse
  • Empty hopper by switching on
  • Fill in and grind about 2 handfuls of long grain white rice
  • Repeat this treatment in case of heavy soiling

Can My Mill Be Damaged From Overheating?

No, all KoMo devices are equipped with overheating protection. This is not triggered by normal household quantities. Should it be triggered nevertheless, please switch off the mill, disconnect it from power and allow it to cool down for twice as long as it has been used.

Do My Flakes Come Into Contact With Plastic?

Our flake crushers and combination units all have nickel-free stainless steel rollers.

Will I Be Able to Get Spare Parts?

Don‘t worry, we have been around for over 35 years and we plan to continue manufacturing our equipment for at least another 35 years. We are always trying to repair even our oldest devices, so that you do not have to dispose of your machine and do not pollute the environment.

How Do I See If the Millstones are Worn?

As soon as the flour is no longer fine enough, this is an indication that the millstones are at the end of their life. However, this is usually only the case after more than 20 years, because our patterned stones sharpen themselves.

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