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Meditation: An Art That Can Be Used to Promote Health

Woman Meditating

Many in today’s world have been practicing meditation for several years. Meditation is an art that requires the development of certain skills in order to be adept in it. Long time meditation practitioners appreciate the increased energy and calmness of mind they obtain from the practice, and laud the many other health benefits it brings.

Researches have shown that meditation helps increase melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone that supports the immune system. Melatonin regulates a person’s circadian rhythm and therefore promotes deep and restful sleep for improved energy. This hormone is also capable of slowing down cell damage and aging, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Even if you don’t have the slightest idea about meditation, or even if you have never attempted doing it before, you can easily learn the technique.  All that is required from you is concentration, desire and commitment. You must first establish the desire to meditate and the want to succeed in it. Success happens when you meditate correctly. Otherwise, meditation will just be a waste of your time. To derive the maximum benefit from meditation, meditate for no less than 20 minutes a day before bedtime.

Here are some guidelines to help you begin meditation:

* The first thing you need to do is identify a quiet and comfortable place where you can meditate without being disturbed for its duration. You may sit on the floor or sit in a chair. It depends which position is more comfortable for you. The important thing is for you to sit with a straight, but not stiff, neck and back. Focus your attention on the present, on you meditating. Try to keep away from all thoughts of the past or future.

* Now, observe your breathing. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Feel the sensation of the air moving in and out of your body for each breath you take. Notice the rise of your belly as the air fills your lungs and how it falls when you let air out. Be aware of how each breath differs from the previous breath. This will keep your mind busy and focused.

* Watch every thought come and go, positive or negative. Do not suppress nor ignore these thoughts. Take note of them but remain calm and continue with your breathing.

* It is normal to get carried away in your thoughts, so don’t feel discouraged; forgive yourself. Observe where your mind went and simply bring back your thoughts to your breathing.

* As you end your meditation, take a couple of minutes to remember where you are. When you are aware of your surroundings, you may get up slowly.

The foregoing is an ideal step-by-step reference for those beginning to meditate. Meditation can be a wonderful alternative treatment for any ailment that concerns you. The process can bring you into a relaxed state that is unparalleled by others.  As you continue to meditate and your experience grows, meditation takes on a personal meaning for you.

By itself, meditation is a skill which unfortunately many dismiss even without learning or trying. It has been established that anxiety and stress are aggravating factors, if not direct causes, of any illness. Therefore, it is only sensible to work on a method that greatly reduces the stress and anxiety in daily routines. In time, you will be able to completely eliminate these negative sentiments in your life. At first, it may seem extremely difficult to sit quietly but once gain the understanding of the mechanics and techniques of meditation, you can easily get yourself into it.

Meditation may be open for anyone, but it isn’t for everyone. You need to have dedication and self-discipline. You need the disciple to be able to practice religiously before you can reap the benefits. Be serious about your meditation and you will grow better, wiser and healthier. You will also find more fulfillment and satisfaction in your life.

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