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Natural Alternatives to Chemical-Laden Bug Sprays

Jaime A. Heidel

Choose Healthy Natural Insect Repellent, or Make Your Own!


You're heading out for your summer picnic, trip to the lake or hike in the woods and you don't want to come home covered in mosquito bites. So, you grab your aerosol can, close your eyes, and spray. You can't breathe now can you? There's always the option of using a pump-spray, which is said to be better for the environment but unfortunately, you'd still be dousing your skin with dangerous chemicals.

What Kind Of Dangerous Chemicals?

Some commercial insect repellants contain the powerful pesticide and neurotoxin DEET, which has been linked to dizziness and seizures, with children being especially vulnerable. Another chemical additive found in some insect repellent is phthalates, which have been reported to cause problems in both male and female fertility. Other inactive ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate and parabens have been linked to cancer.

What Are My Natural Alternatives?

There are plenty of healthy, natural insect repellents that you can use to decrease your risk of developing chemically-induced diseases. Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass and Lavender are volatile plant oils you can use on your clothing to discourage pests or in diluted form on your skin. Mix them together with a dilutant such as vitamin E to increase potency and repel pests. If you'd rather not make it yourself, there are several commercially available natural repellents that are free of harmful chemicals and use a blend of natural volatile plant oils.

So, the next time you head into the great outdoors, arm yourself with insect repellent designed with nature in mind. Natural insect repellent is the way to get healthy and go green!

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2011-2020. Published with permission. Jaime A. Heidel is a professional freelance writer with a passion for natural health. She has years of writing experience and has contributed to Natural Awakenings magazine.