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Four Natural Cures for Headache

Man with Headache

Dr. Kristie Leong

A pounding headache can certainly make your life more complicated, not to mention painful. But what if you don't want to resort to over the counter or prescription medications to relieve a headache? Surprisingly, there are a variety of natural ways to eliminate headache pain that don't involve pills or a doctor's prescription. Here are some all natural headache remedies that have been shown to be effective:

Discover the Power of Ice

If you have a headache due to muscle tension, one way to gain some relief is to wrap a package of frozen vegetables in a towel and place the towel under your neck for twenty minutes. The cold can help relieve some of the inflammation and muscle tension that may be contributing to the head pain. To make this treatment even more effective, try playing soothing new age music in the background, dim the lights, and close your eyes. Twenty minutes of this treatment can work wonders for head and neck pain.

Use Rotating Pressure and Massage

Use your fingers to apply firm rotating pressure to the painful areas of the head. Apply firm pressure for at least ten seconds before releasing. Keep repeating this process until the pain subsides. Headaches can also be relieved in many cases by firmly massaging the neck and upper back to relieve muscle tension which may be contributing to the pain.

Apply Acupressure to the Feet

Surprisingly, massaging the feet can often be just as effective as massaging the head and neck. To apply acupressure to the feet, use your fingers to massage the feet at the base of the toes. To make the massage even more effective, begin with a warm, soothing, herbal footbath. To make the bath, add herbs such as lavender which helps to promote relaxation to warm water. Allow the feet to soak for ten minutes before applying acupressure to the base of the feet.

Apply Cold to the Forehead

That same cold vegetable pack used to reduce tension in the neck muscles can provide headache relief when applied to the forehead. To get maximum relief using this method, it's important you start treatment at the first sign of headache. Allow the cold pack to remain on the forehead for several minutes at a time. Repeat as necessary. 

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2007-2023. Dr. Kristie Leong is a family practice physician and medical writer. Published with permission.

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