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Plantar Fasciitis Relief – Natural Remedies

Deborah Wallace

Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation in the band of tissue connecting the heel to the toes, and it can be quite painful, particularly upon waking or after a long period of immobility. One of the most important elements in relief is to keep the tissues stretched and loose. If you suffer from inflammation, apply ice to reduce the swelling and burning. Discuss your condition and treatment with your doctor.

Before Getting Out of Bed

Stretch the tendons in the foot as well as the muscles in the lower part of the leg to loosen them up. While you are still in a prone position on your back, place your foot in the center of a 5-ft. long, 1-in. wide band and hold the ends of the band in each hand. Point your toe toward the ceiling, hold for 15 seconds, then relax your foot. Repeat five times before you switch to the other foot.

Daily Stretches

The best way to prevent the pain from returning is to keep the tendons in your foot stretched and pliable throughout the day. Choose a stable object to place your hands. This can be a piece of furniture or a wall. Hold your arms out and place your hands on the stable object. Stand at arm’s length from the object. Move one foot behind the other and lean into the stationary object, keeping the back foot planted firmly on the floor. Hold this position and slowly count to 15. Now slowly lift your back heel off the floor to the count of five, hold it, and slowly lower your heel back to the floor. Repeat this five times before you switch feet.

Kneading the Feet

You’ll need a rolling pin, pool floating noodle, tennis ball, or other object that rolls. You may also use a water-filled bottle that has been frozen to help reduce the inflammation from the plantar fasciitis. Sit in a chair with your bare feet firmly on the floor. Place your rolling object on the floor. Using the bottom of your foot, apply pressure and roll the object around for a couple of minutes. Repeat by kneading the object with the other foot. This can be done at home while watching television or at the office.

Treatment While Resting

When you are resting, elevate your feet to help reduce swelling. You may apply ice if the inflammation becomes more severe. Try to prevent exercises that put too much stress on the bottom of your feet, such as running or hard walking. Switch to swimming or cycling until the condition subsides.

Prevent Future Occurrences

Once your plantar fasciitis is under control, make some changes to how you treat your feet. Use orthotics inside your shoes to cushion the tendons in your feet. Give yourself frequent foot massages, paying special attention to the plantar fascia. Continue to do the stretching exercises to keep the tendons stretched and loose.

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