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Using Shower Filters to Reduce Chlorine Exposure and Improve Health

Sandra Ketcham

Most people do not consider the potential health risks associated with their daily showers. Chemically treated water can result in serious health problems, and may contribute to premature aging and other cosmetic problems. Reducing the negative health effects that are pouring down on you every time you wash your hair is as simple as investing in a quality shower filter.

By reducing the level of chlorine and other contaminants that are absorbed through the skin or inhaled with steam while in the shower, filters can provide you with healthier skin and hair. In addition to preventing split ends, dry skin, and other cosmetic problems, shower filters may even help to reduce the risk of heart disease, lung disorders, and cancer.

Nearly half of all chlorine exposure occurs during a typical, ten-minute shower. Chlorine absorption and inhalation can result in heart disease, cancer of the bladder and breast, asthma, bronchitis, irritation of the mucous membranes, and various skin disorders. The American Journal of Public Health has linked chlorine exposure to statistically significant increases in the rates of asthma, cancer, and skin conditions. They have also estimated that two-thirds of all harmful exposure to chlorine is directly due to skin absorption and steam inhalation from heated shower water.

Additionally, vaporized chlorine, such as that found in shower steam, converts to chloroform when combined with other compounds typically found in the air. Chloroform causes considerable respiratory irritation, and the EPA has stated that nearly every American home has detectable levels of chloroform due to chlorine vapors released during showering.

When these chemicals are inhaled into the lungs, they are able to directly enter the bloodstream. The harmful effects of inhalation are significantly worse than the risks associated with the ingestion of toxic chemicals, because our bodies filter ingested chemicals during the digestive process. The only way to protect yourself and your family from the devastating health consequences caused by repeated exposure to chlorine is through the use of a quality shower filter.

Chlorine exposure not only causes internal damage to the body, but its effects are felt externally as well. The chlorine found in shower water strips moisture from the hair and skin, resulting in dryness, split ends, and premature skin aging. When the hair and skin are permitted to retain their natural oils, they become healthier and softer. This greatly reduces the need to purchase special hair treatment, lotions, and moisturizers -- a savings that will pay for the cost of your shower filter.

The use of a shower filter is one of the simplest and most effective means to reduce your family's exposure to chlorine. Moreover, shower filters provide benefits beyond the removal of chlorine. They are also able to remove other unpleasant or harmful contaminants, including dust, sulfur, and rust.

Filtered shower water results in improved respiratory health, decreased risk of various cancers, improved air quality in your home, and results in healthier skin and hair. Reducing your exposure to chlorine also drastically reduces premature aging and wrinkles. Shower filters are relatively easy to install, and will provide immediate and lasting health benefits.

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