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Nature's Embrace

“Transform the way you sleep.”

Nature's Embrace is based in Delta, BC, and has been producing all-organic sleep products for over 30 years. They produce their specialty brand of natural, antibacterial mattresses made using organic latex from India. They also make a range of toppers, pillows, and platform beds to ensure the best possible sleep for their customers.

Organic Mattresses - Test Beds in Store

Aviva is currently offering six Nature's Embrace Organic Mattress models online, with several of them also being on display to try for yourself in our Winnipeg store: the 6-inch deep Tempo (which is rated as Firm: an 8 out 10 on their scale); the 8" thick (not including the cover) Medley (which has the same 8/10 firmness rating, which is not recommended for side sleepers); the 8" medium firm Encore (6/10), and the slightly softer Opus (5/10), which are both suitable for those who alternate between sleeping on their sides or their back; the 10" firm Alto (7/10); the medium 10" Harp (4/10 - soft enough for dedicated side sleepers); and our own Luxury version which totals 13 inches in depth (including the organic cotton and wool quilted covers).

You can also order other Nature's Embrace Organic Mattress models from us in your preferred size, which all have the same types of organic cotton and wool quilted covers, and are of varying levels of firmness, depending on the density and/or depths of the layers of Organic Dunlop Latex which go into them.

These include: the extra firm 6-inch deep Timbre (which has a 9/10 firmness rating); the 8" thick Modesto (which has a 7/10 firmness rating); the 10" medium firm Sonata and Unison (which both have a 6/10 rating, but with the former achieving that with a 6" thick core); the 10" medium firm Tonic and Tower (which both have a 5/10 rating, but with the former achieving that with a 6" thick core); and the relatively soft 10" Motif, which has a firmness rating of 3, which would be preferred by those who sleep mainly on their sides.

We can also facilitate orders for their other types of mattresses, if desired, which include non-organic latex mattresses with different types of covers; hybrid mattresses, which incorporate bio-foam material and have tencel fabric covers; and coir mattresses, which use coconut husk based material in addition to organic latex.

For more information on any of these products, please contact us.

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