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Riversol Skin Care

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Riversol was founded by Dr. Jason Rivers, a board-certified dermatologist in Vancouver who developed a series of products to meet the needs of his sensitive-skinned patients contending with severe sun damage. Riversol skin care products are ideal for those who tend to have adverse reactions to some of the ingredients or fillers found in most conventional skin-care formulations.

Most of these Riversol products are usually in stock at our Winnipeg retail location. Others can be brought in upon request. Online ordering is not available for these products; please contact us to confirm availability or for additional information.

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Riversol Skincare

Riversol has created an entire line of skin care products suitable for even those with the most sensitive skin, including a number primarily designed to protect the skin from premature aging and to address the signs of visible aging.

Riversol Ingredients

The entire line of Riversol formulations features three powerful antioxidants: stabilized forms of Vitamin C (to encourage collagen growth and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles); and Vitamin E (to hydrate the skin and bolster its UV defenses); plus Beta-Thujaplicin (or hinokitiol), which is derived from the Pacific Red Cedar tree). 'Beta-T' has antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and other properties which not only help heal the skin, improve its clarity and texture, and soothe problem conditions like eczema and psoriasis, but even help reverse sun damage, reduce the appearance of sun spots and age spots.

Currently, you can choose between quite a number types of individual Riversol Anti-Aging products and associated Cleansers for Sensitive Skin that we carry here at Aviva; these include the:

- Anti-Aging Reparative Serum (For All Skin Types): To improve radiance and texture and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or uneven skin tone, without irritation. $79

- Exfoliating Glycolic Peel (For All Skin Types): This skin peel, which has optimized to combat the look of aging in sensitive skin, stimulates the exfoliation of dead surface cells while tightening and brightening the underlying skin. It can revitalize the look of skin within just minutes, to make it appear brighter and more radiant, without producing the irritation caused by physical exfoliants. $55

- Eye Repair Treatment (For All Skin Types): To reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and other signs of aging; help repair the skin's moisture barrier; and improve radiance and texture in the eye area. Also features Matrixyl (for collagen production) and Haloxyl (to reinforce firmness and tone and reduce the appearance of dark circles) as other key ingredients. $59

- Hydrating Antioxidant Mask (For Normal to Dry/Very Dry/Dehydrated Skin): A weekly therapy designed to protect the skin from toxins and pollutants, provide intensive day-long hydration to replenish the skin's moisture barrier while providing antioxidants to help restore damaged skin and fight the free radicals behind many visible signs of aging). $49

The Corrector V2 by Riversol

- The Corrector V2 (For All Skin Types): this newly improved version of Riversol's most concentrated formulation is an intensive serum designed to brighten and gently exfoliate sensitive skin in a single step. It features four powerful ingredients (tranexamic acid, Beta-T, Kojic Acid, and niacinamide) to reduce the appearance of age spots, dark spots, or visible hyperpigmentation and brighten and even skin tone safely and effectively. $88

- the Hydrating Cream Cleanser (For Normal to Dry Skin): is designed to provide instant, deep re-hydration, help repair the skin's own moisture barrier, and calm sensitive skin. It also features Allantoin as another key ingredient. $29

- the Refreshing Gel Cleanser (For Combination Skin or Oily Skin): is designed to gently remove make-up and impurities, unclog pores, calm sensitive skin, and improve its radiance and texture. It, too, also features Allantoin as another key ingredient. $30

- the Micellar Water Makeup Remover was developed by a dermatologist to be calming, nourishing, and safe for All Skin Types (even dry or very sensitive skin), this clear solution can gently and effectively remove make-up without irritation -- even the most stubborn types such as waterproof or long-wearing make-up (especially when used with a microfibre make-up removal cloth). $19

Riversol also offers The Two-Step Restorative Treatment Pack (For All Skin Types) - a combination of four 5ml Exfoliating Glycolic Peels and four 5ml Hydrating Antioxidant Masks - to replenish the skin's natural radiance and improve its moisture barrier function, with powerful exfoliation and intensive 24 hour moisture therapy. $19

We also offer several of those anti-aging products bundled together in combinations in the Riversol Anti-Aging Reparative Trios, which come in four variations, for each of the four major skin types (ranging from Very Dry to Oily). Each Trio variant include a 3-month supply of 3 types of items in their box – a cleanser, an anti-aging serum, and a moisturizer (more on those, below) – which all feature their signature ingredients. They vary in the concentration or format of the cleansers and moisturizers, to be more suitable for different skin type. $139

Similarly, we also carry the Riversol Redness Control Trio for each of the four major skin types. These Trios each include a three-month supply of three types of items in their box: a cleanser, an anti-redness serum, and a moisturizer, all featuring their signature ingredients. They vary in either the concentration or the format (e.g., a cream versus a lotion) of the cleansers and moisturizers, to be more suitable for different skin types. $129

Riversol Redness Control Trio

Some of the other constituents of some of these Trios are also available individually, including:

- the Anti-Redness Serum, which of course is designed to help calm the skin and reduce facial redness and flushing in those prone to that, and also to help improve the skin's natural radiance and texture. Highly fortified with a potent blend of stabilized vitamins and antioxidants that penetrate deeply, plus phosphate-form vitamin C and E to helps strengthen and protect skin while promoting healthy cell regeneration, is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This amount will last an average of 4 months with suggested use. $69

- the Lightweight Moisturizing Lotion (For Normal to Oily Skin): To provide gentle mattifying hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores, reduce oil production, and improve radiance and texture. $49

- the Daily Moisturizing Cream (For Combination Skin or Normal to Dry Skin): is designed to help provide instant, deep re-hydration; replenish the skin's moisture barrier; and improve the skin's radiance and texture. $49

- the Moisturizing Concentrate (For Very Dry/Dehydrated Skin): A concentrated daily moisturizer to replenish hydration in dry or dehydrated skin, for instant deep re-hydration, which can also help reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines and the appearance of dark spots, sun damage and uneven skin tone over time. Also features hyaluronic acid and shea butter as other key ingredients. $49

Riversol Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

In addition, to clear up pimples and prevent new breakouts, Riversol's 90-Day Acne Kit provides two 30 ml bottles (a 60 day supply) of their Comprehensive Acne Treatment along with a 180 ml bottle of a pH balanced cleanser and a 50 ml moisturizer. $132

Another major Riversol product we carry is their Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF 30) (60 ml), which uses natural minerals to provide broad spectrum coverage against both UVA and UVB rays, and also incorporates the anti-aging ingredients found in many other Riversol products and is deeply hydrating. This fragrance-free sunscreen now comes in three forms: Untinted; or with natural pigments to match your skin tone, in two types they designate Shade 100 (light tint) or Shade 200 (Rich Tint). $39

There is also a new reef-safe and sweat-resistant SPF 40 Weightless Body Sunscreen version (140g/4.9oz). $29.

Riversol Retinol Treatment

The new Riversol Retinol Treatment contains 0.5% pure retinol, coupled with hydrating peptides and the highest concentration of Beta-thujaplicin (Beta-T) available in a skin cream. This concentrated anti-aging treatment can help noticeably reduce the appearance of fine lines, pore size, and hyperpigmentation or mottled patches after eight to ten weeks of use. Retinol, also known as Vitamin A1, has many benefits, including promoting skin cell renewal and collagen production, which helps brighten and tighten the skin. Riversol's 30 ml tube should provide about six weeks of use. $88

Bonus: While supplies last, you may also be able to get the Retinol Starter Pack here for that same $87.99 price point. It includes the 30 ml tube of Retinol Treatment plus a 15 ml jar of the Daily Moisturizing Cream in the new Riversol Travel Bag, pictured here.

Riversol Travel Bag

Finally, we also carry Riversol's professional-grade Hand Balm, which provides intensive hydration which would be welcomed either for very dry or for frequently washed hands ($22); and their new Cleansing Hand Sanitizer Spray: with a 70% alcohol content, this conveniently sized spray bottle makes it easy to thoroughly clean and sanitize your hands without water anywhere you go. This hypoallergenic formulation is made for sensitive skin, and has a pleasant sage/lemon scent. $5

Where to Buy Riversol? Aviva is your source for Riversol skincare products in Winnipeg

Most of these products are usually in stock at our retail location (Winnipeg, MB, Canada). Online ordering is not available, please contact us to confirm availability or for additional information.