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Extra Reach Standard Soft 30 Second Smile Replacement Brush Head (Blue)
Regular Length Standard Soft 30 Second Smile Replacement Brush Head (Blue)
Close-up of Regular Length Standard Soft 30 Second Smile Replacement Brush Head
Close-up of Orthodonic-Specific 30 Second Smile Replacement Brush Head

Hydrabrush 30 Second Smile Replacement Brush Heads

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Info: 1 Full Set - Replacement Brush Heads; Available in Several Types

These replacement brush heads are for use with the 30 Second Smile from Hydrabrush. Their design gives the user benefits that are simply impossible with competing power toothbrushes. Instead of you having to maneuver a single head to clean every nook and cranny, this multi-head technology does the work for you. Just bite and guide!

Product Notes:

With an advanced configuration of 6 microbrushes working together, the brush head literally wraps around every surface of your tooth: inside, outside, and chewing surface - both top AND bottom -- at the same time. The resulting benefits are twofold: error-free brushing, and a thorough cleaning in one third the time.

Each replacement kit comes with 1 full set (top and bottom pairs) of BrushHeads.

They are available both in the original Standard Size (shown in the middle two photos), or, for those with larger teeth, or who may desire more bristle contact on your gums, in an "EXTRA REACH" BrushHead size (shown in the first photo), which will reach further onto the gumline for unsurpassed gum massage. Both area available with either Standard-Soft or Ultra-Soft bristles.

Orthodontic-specific brush heads that help prevent white spots are also available (shown in the final photo).

Installation of 30 Second Smile Brushes

1)  Remove Old Brushes: Push the "Release Button" located on the sides of each brush one at a time and pull away from brush body to remove. Continue for both brushes.

2)  Install New Brushes: Install brushes with bristles facing outward away from each other. Push onto round metal stem of brush body until head snaps into place. Confirm the brushes are firmly installed.

Product Options:
Regular Length - Standard Soft - $9.99 - UPC: 184139000206
Regular Length - Ultra-Soft/Extra Soft - $9.99 - UPC: 184139000213
Extra-Reach - Standard Soft - $9.99 - UPC: 184139000244
Extra-Reach - Ultra-Soft - $9.99 - UPC: 184139000237
Orthodontic-Specific Brush Heads - $9.99