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3M Aqua-Pure - Replacement Parts for AP903 Whole House Water System
3M Aqua-Pure - Replacement Parts for AP903 Whole House Water System
3M Aqua-Pure - Replacement Parts for AP903 Whole House Water System

3M Aqua-Pure - Replacement Parts for AP903 Whole House Water System

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Info: Pre-Filter Housing, Sump Wrench, Bracket, Pre-Filters, and Head

Although we no longer carry AP903 Whole House Water System itself, we still have several types of replacement or supplementary parts available for it: a Transparent Pre-Filter Housing for the Pre-Filters; a Mounting Bracket, and Sump Wrench for that housing; the Micro-Klean RT 1 Micron PreFilters themselves; and a stainless steel head for the main AP917 filter cartridge.

Product Notes:

The Model AP903 single cartridge water filtration system by 3M Aqua-Pure helps provide consistent high quality water for whole house filtration at an impressive flow rate up to 20 gpm, which is ideal for larger homes and light commercial applications. In regions where there are a lot of particulates in the water, the AP903's replaceable filter cartridge will not last a full year, so should be accompanied / preceded by a pre-filter housing and pre-filter.

1 Micron Micro-Klean RT Pre-Filter

1 Micron Micro-Klean RT PreFilter
These 19-1/2" long, 2-5/16" diameter depth filter cartridges are made entirely of polypropylene to provide consistent and efficient particle reduction, increased surface life, and a low initial drop in pressure. This material complies with food and beverage regulations for use in potable water applications, and the filter is made without adhesives, binders, surfactants or lubricants, and is grooved to provide more surface area to increase its life and how much it captures. The rigid, sturdy construction of these cartridges enables them to withstand and continue to function properly in the presence of water pressure variations, and because their material was extruded continuously during their manufacture, there are no bond joints to break.

Transparent CFS12T Pre-Filter Housing:
The high level of particulates in some water systems will greatly shorten the life of filter in the AP903 unit unless accompanied by a pre-filter. By integrating this pre-filter, the life of the AP903 should be one full year. This housing is designed to hold the 1 Micron Micro-Klean RT pre-filters made by a subsidiary of 3M. The one micron filter will filter all the water in a building (home, office, etc.) to 1 micron, and should last from two to three months in most homes. The sides of this housing are transparent to enable you to see how dirty/saturated the filter becomes over time. This unit is designed to operate between 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 - 37.8 C); its dimensions are:4-9/16" Wide by 23-3/8" Long. Please note, this CFS12T prefilter housing does not come equipped with a filter, nor a bracket to hold it against a wall or pillar, nor a wrench to open it to exchange filters; those are each available here separately.

Sump Wrench:
This 8-1/2" long, 4" diameter tool pictured above is for opening up the CFS12T Filter Housing designed to accompany the AP903 Whole House Water System to remove and replace the 1 Micron Micro-Klean RT PreFilter every few months.

Mounting Bracket for CFS-12T:
A 4-1/2 inch wide bracket with holes in its 3-3/3" long sides which match up with the openings for the pipes on either side of the top of the CFS12T Pre-Filter Housing, which comes with two screws and drywall anchors to secure the housing onto a wall or pillar near your your water intake.

The strong and durable 304 Stainless Steel Head for the Aqua-Pure Model AP903 is made from a corrosion resistant material. It enables a fast change of the cartridge and a "sweat in place" installation without the need of a filter wrench, thanks to its Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) design, with its die cast zinc anti-rotation collar and locking latch. We have one brand new extra head in stock, like the one pictured in the main product photo and this video (but without the accompanying cartridge), and one which was disassembled from a display model (please contact us for details for pricing on the latter).

Product Options:
Sump Wrench for CFS12T Sump Prefilter Housing - $12.00
Mounting Bracket for 3M CFS12T Prefilter - $15.00
1 Micron Micro-Klean RT Prefilter for CFS12T - $36.50
CFS12T PreFilter Housing for 1 Micron Prefilter - $147.00
Replacement Head for AP903 Whole House Filtration System - $184.99