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7Roots - Seven Roots Liquid Extract

7Roots - Seven Roots Liquid Extract

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Info: 130 ml (4.4 fl oz) Glass Bottle

Need a little lift? A bit more spark in your plug, or more lead in your pencil? Seven roots (or 'Siete raices,' in Spanish) is a popular alcohol-based drink in Peru, where it is made from the dried bark (and some roots) of 7 different Amazonian plants (some shrubs, and some rather tall trees) which are collectively thought to have both an aphrodisiac and energizing effect on both sexes, and to be able to overcome impotence and firm up erections in men.

Product Notes:

Although ingredients may vary between different versions of 'Siete raices' (depending on whether they hail from the jungles or highlands of Peru), this version of 7 Roots by the Peruvian company UHTCO contains the two most well-known and well-regarded ones common to most:

- Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus krokovii or Maytenus macrocarpa), which has a stimulating and anti-inflammatory effect and is thought to be able to support the adrenals, increase libido, enhance virility, and relax muscles; and,

- Clavo huasca (Tynanthus panurensis, or clove vine) which is also thought to increase libido (particularly among pre-menopausal women) and increase sexual potency. 

UHTCO 7-Roots also contains Para Para (Eustephia coccinea Cav.), which is used to relieve inflammations of the uterus; and two kinds of shrubs, Achuni-Sanango (Strychnos rondeletioides) and Uchu (Tabernaemontana), as well as Huanarpo macho (Jatropha macrantha), another aphrodisiac which has components believed to be able to promote oxygenation of the blood and is used to restore male sexual potency and to combat premature ejaculation. Iporuru (Alchornea castaneifolia) reportedly has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and is also used as a tonic for males with erectile dysfunction.


A proprietary blend of extracts of 7 types of roots and/or bark:
Huanarpo Macho; Clavo huasca; Chuchuhuasi; Achuni-Sanango; Iporuru; Uchu Sanango; and Para para. Plus Water, Alcohol and Cellulose Gum. Wildcrafted.

The concentration ratio for this extract is 10:1, meaning 10 kg of dried roots and bark produces 1 Liter of extract.

Suggested Usage:

Simply mix one teaspoon of Seven Roots with your favourite drink. Shake well before using.

UPC / Barcode: 7750310000124