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Airfree 3000

Airfree - Onix 3000 Air Sterilizer

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Info: 1 Air Purifier

Airfree: The new and clean technology to reduce indoor pollution. Airfree air purifiers safely use heat to incinerate mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These units are totally silent, create no ozone (using patented ozone reduction technology) and are completely maintenance free!

Info: 1 Air Purifier

Airfree: The new and clean technology to reduce indoor pollution. Airfree air purifiers safely use heat to incinerate mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These units are totally silent, create no ozone (using patented ozone reduction technology) and are completely maintenance free!

Product Notes:

Shipping included to most locations in Canada.

Airfree Onix 3000 air sterilizers are suitable for single room use for up to 650 sq. feet, and can result in reduction of up to 80%-95% of airborne microorganisms for those with allergies and asthma. Perfect for small spaces where noise is a factor, the Airfree P3000 Onix is an excellent and economical choice for the home or office.

Inside Airfree's patented ceramic core 99.99% of all micro-organisms: spores, fungus, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, are incinerated at temperatures around 400F (250C). No living microorganism survives this power. This is done without significant ambient heat. Airfree reduces ozone whereas some air cleaners can produce dangerous levels of this harmful gas that can destroy lung tissue, trigger respiratory diseases, and corrode metallic equipment.

Model: Airfree Onix 3000
Capacity: 650 sq. ft. (61m²)
Electric consumption: 52W
Voltage: 110-240V
Height & Diameter: 10.4" and 8.4" (26.5 & 21.5 cm).
Noise level: Totally Silent
Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.48 Kg)
Anti-Stress Light: Yes

Airfree is probably the only air purifier independently tested and proven efficient in eliminating microorganisms, which offers copy of several independent tests in many countries assuring its efficiency.

No maintenance required. Airfree can dramatically improve indoor air quality and living conditions by drastically reducing airborne mold spores, bacteria, and microorganisms as seen on Air free independent tests. Airfree may improve the conditions of buildings with "sick building syndromes" if affected by airborne microorganisms. Ideal as a preventative measure, the Airfree Onix P3000 is also well suited for use in lakehouses and cottages.

Airfree is very helpful for:

• Respiratory allergies
• Newborns and children
• Mold affected basements, attics, kitchens
• Boats
• Cold and reefer chambers
• Homes and offices
• Hospitals, clinics, laboratories and retirement homes

• Libraries, museums and archives
• Hotels, motels
• Schools, kindergartens
• Dust mites and other allergens
• Chicken farms and other breeding farms
• Pets and birds

Please note, we no longer offer the less powerful models in the "Airfree P" series (the white P1000 or silver Platinum 2000 units).

Airfree Onix 3000 Air Purifier

Video Transcript

We daily breathe 17,000 litres of air. Do we take appropriate precautions? Did you know that the indoor air can be 100 times more polluted than the outside air?

Breathe better. Live better. Airfree.

Airfree is an innovative system manufactured in Europe and exported to more than 40 countries. It is used in domestic, industrial, and agricultural environments.

The patented Airfree technology is simple and very effective. Its TSS ceramic core destroys microorganisms in the air that we breathe by incinerating them at high temperatures. The air passes through the unit by means of natural and silent air convection, being sterilized, cooled, and released back into the ambience.

Allergy and asthma are caused by various airborne allergens. Airfree's efficiency in preventing asthma and respiratory allergies offers a significant improvement to people's quality of life, especially those that are suffering from allergies.

Allergens originating from dust mite excrements, skeletons, and feces are one of the main allergy triggers when inhaled. The Insect Research Institute in Cambridge, UK, tested and proved that the Airfree technology destroys dust mite allergens that are present in the air. Home dust is also sterilized when passing through the Airfree.

Airfree is also indicated for newborns, babies, and expecting mothers. Studies performed by the University of Virginia, in the United States, shows that reducing the contact with dust mite allergens since the pregnancy until the baby's first day of life substantially decreases the probability of developing asthma in their lifetime.

The respiratory system of elderly people is quite fragile. Therefore, pure air is an essential protection for this age group, which is in need of major health care. Thanks to its efficiency in eliminating fungi and mold spores, Airfree is also required for houses with humidity problems, or the ones that are not exposed to the sun.

Other studies, also conducted in the United States, show that mold, besides causing material damage, can cause serious health problems, such as asthma, allergies, depression, and aspergillosis. Airfree is a natural and silent technology that has low energy consumption and is not harmful to the ambience.

Airfree is maintenance-free, does not generate any residues, nor uses wear-and-tear parts, without compromising the efficiency throughout the years. Airfree is a portable and safe air purifier, with awarded design, and fits in any house or work environment.

Airfree's efficiency has been tested by independent laboratories and universities around the world, in locations such as hospitals, hotels, libraries, coal chambers, microbiologic and clinical laboratories, national archives, home, and offices -- and proves to be very efficient.

Airfree is the most tested and safest air purifier in the world. All tests are available on Airfree is also present in museums, hospitals, libraries, and national archives around the world.

Follow the hundreds of thousands of families in the world that do treat the 17,000 litres of air they breathe every day. Buy your Airfree purifier now, and breathe better.

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