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Amaze Heaters - Ezy-Mount Stand
Model EZS Ezy-Mount Stand in use

Amaze Heaters - Ezy-Mount Stand

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Info: Available in Two Types

Components of the EZL stand for the Amaze 400 Watt heater

The Ezy-Mount Drill-Less Mounting System makes it easy to use an Amaze Ceramic Wall Panel Heater without having to drill into the walls by using two legs and a series of self-adhesive fasteners.

Perfect if you don't want to mount on the wall or are not able to (in an apartment or rental home, for example).

See the video below on how to set up the wall panel and install it on the stand. Please be sure to select the right stand model for use with your Amaze heater.

Product Notes:

The Model EZL system (UPC: 5060207005814) is compatible with 100W, 250W, and 400W Amaze heaters (as shown in the video).

The Model EZS system (UPC: 643129891762) is for use exclusively with the 600W Amaze Heater (as shown in use in the second photo).

Product Options:
Model EZL Stand (for 100W/250W/400W Heaters) - $39.99 - UPC: 5060207005814
Model EZS Stand (for 600W Heater Only) - $42.99 - UPC: 643129891762