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Ancient Secrets - Nasal Cleansing Salt

Ancient Secrets - Nasal Cleansing Salt

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Info: 40 x 2g Packets Non-Iodized Pure Salt

If you tend to get a stuffed up nose because of dust, pollen, or other irritants, and want to help prevent or relieve that with a 'Neti' or other nasal cleansing pot or a nasal saline rinse squeeze bottle, the last thing you want to do is have to fuss with pouring and measuring out the exact amount of non-iodized pure salt you need. These premeasured packets make it easy. There are 40 per box, weighing 2 grams (.07 oz) each, for a total of 80 grams.

Product Notes:

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (USP Grade)

Suggested usage:
Use pre-measured packet (1/4 teaspoon) salt with 8 oz lukewarm (not hot or cold) water that has been previously boiled or distilled into your nasal cleansing pot. To add that to your particular kind of nasal cleansing product, follow the usage instructions which came with it.

If you are suffering from any disease, infection or blockage condition, consult your healthcare practitioner for directions as to whether and how to practice nasal washing.

Nasal cleansing should not be practiced if your nostrils are obstructed or clogged, to prevent flow in one side and out the other, or if you are suffering from any infection of the nasal, sinus or ear passages, or have recently undergone ear or sinus surgery of any kind.

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