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Ankarsrum Fruit Strainer Attachment, standing upright
Ankarsrum Fruit Strainer Attachment mounted on a machine
Ankarsrum Fruit Strainer Attachment, laying flat

Ankarsrum Assistent - Fruit Strainer Attachment

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Info: 1 Fruit Strainer Attachment

This fruit press attachment enables you to turn fruits or berries into pulp or purée with your Ankarsrum Assistent Original machine. Please see the instructional video below to see how to fit it onto the machine and use it to strain or puree, to make your own delicious homemade apple sauce or tomato juice, for example. To obtain the maximum nutritional benefits, you can use this to strain a variety of fruits or vegetables while they're still raw, including oranges, gooseberries, tomatoes, pitted plums or cherries, and de-seeded rosehips.

Suggested Usage:

Attach the mincer to the machine, then fit the strainer onto the mincer. When the adjustment screw is in its innermost position, it yields the maximum amount of liquid out of the item being strained. Turn the screw if you want to change the degree of straining. You can reuse the pulp residue more times until all the liquid is out.

Cleaning: All parts of the mincer and strainer must be washed by hand. The feed table and stopper are dishwasher safe.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080262