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Ankarsrum Meat Mincer, Basic Package
Ankarsrum Assistent 4.5 mm hole Mincer Disc
 Ankarsrum Meat Mincer, Complete Package
Ankarsrum Assistent and Meat Grinder Attachment variations
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Ankarsrum Assistent - Meat Grinder / Food Mincer

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Info: Accessory Sets (see Notes for Details)

S&H included in Canada. These attachment sets are for use exclusively with the Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine.

The Basic package includes a 4.5mm disc perfect for grinding and mincing. The 4.5mm disc is a very large and sturdy, great for meat, fish, potato, onions and a variety of other foods. Feeder tray, food plunger, sausage horn, ring, splash shield and 4.5 mm hole disc are included both sets.

Product Notes:

The Basic set includes the following:

  • 4.5 mm hole disc
  • feeder try
  • food plunger
  • sausage horn
  • locking ring
  • splash shield


The Complete set includes all of the above, plus:

  • 3 discs (2.5 mm, 6 mm, and 8 mm size)
  • Berry Press/Strainer
  • Cheese and Nut Grater
  • Cookie Press
  • 4 Pasta Discs

Suggested Usage:

Fit the mincer onto the machine. For mincing, fit the knife onto the mincer. Be sure to turn the sharp side of the knife towards the hole disc. Select which hole disc you want to use, and fit it outside the knife. For stuffing sausages, fit the sausage horn.

Use the 2.5 mm hole disc to mince fish and make pâté, etc, the 4.5 mm standard hole disc to mince meat, chicken or fish, the 6 mm hole disc to mince things slightly more coarsely, and the 8 mm hole disc for preliminary mincing if the meat is slightly tough or sinewy. Mince again using the 4.5 mm or 2.5 mm perforated disc for a finer mince. Cut the items to be minced into wedges or coarse strips. Vegetables should be parboiled before mincing. Run the machine on medium speed. When stuffing sausages, thread the sausage casing over the sausage horn. Run the machine on low speed. If you get air in the sausage, stop the machine and carefully press the air bubble backwards via the groove on the sausage horn.

Cleaning: Wash the mincer, hole disc and knife by hand. Apply a little cooking oil to the hole disc and knife. The plastic components of the sausage horn are dishwasher safe.


Always use the plunger to feed things through, both for mincing and for sausage stuffing. Never stick your hands or other objects into the mincer.

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Basic Meat Grinder/Mincer Set - $259.99 - UPC: 7350061085021
Complete Meat Grinder/Mincer Set - $399.99 - UPC: 7350061085038