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2 of the 3 Ankarsrum Replacement Vegetable Cutter Drums
All 3 Ankarsrum Assistent Replacement Vegetable Cutter Drums

Ankarsrum Assistent - Replacement Vegetable Cutter Drums

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Info: Set of Three Replacement Cutting Drums

Free Shipping in Canada. These three replacement drums are exclusively for use with the Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine (previously marketed as the Assistent Original) and its Vegetable Cutter/Slicer. There is an extra fine grating drum with 2 mm wide holes, which is good for cutting hard cheese, nuts, chocolate, or stale bread; a drum with diamond shaped holes nearly 5 mm wide at the top, which is good for shredding celery or carrots, for example; and a second grating drum with much larger holes (about 1 cm diameter) for grating potatoes for potato pancakes or dumplings, for example.

Suggested Usage:

The vegetable cutter and its drums are dishwasher safe, although the plunger should be washed by hand.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080378