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Aurora - Cervical Traction Device

Aurora - Cervical Traction Device

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Our vertebrae are the main channels whereby our brains communicate with the rest of our bodies through the nervous system. Consequently, bad posture, far from being merely the concern of prim and proper Victorian matrons, is in fact a matter that affects your entire body's health. Treatment of vertebral problems related to posture may be undertaken in a variety of ways, including exercise, good posture, and chiropractic treatment. However, help can also be found in aids such as Aurora's Cervical Traction Device, which employs the chiropractic technique of cervical traction to help stretch and loosen neck vertebrae, encouraging them to return to the natural position from which they are so often deformed by poor daily habits.

Product Notes:

By stretching small spinal muscles, the Aurora Cervical Traction Device can help loosen pinched nerves; increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain; reduce tension and pressure; rejuvenate your energy and power; and relieve the pain, discomfort, and symptoms from a variety of neck ailments, including hyperplasia, arthritis, and disc bulges.

• Adjustable front and back traction straps fit most adults.
• The traction straps and bead chain can resist a pulling force of 150n (equal to 34 lbs.).
• The cervical traction can alleviate pressure and any other symptoms caused by hyperplasia.

Suggested Usage:

The Cervical Traction Device can be used to alleviate pressure and other symptoms caused by cervical hyperplasia. Proper usage of this product can increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain, thus helping to restore physical power and energy.


Patients with moderate to severe spinal cord types of cervical spondylopathy are advised NOT to use this product.

Patients who suffer from complex or sever cervical spondylopathy should consult with doctors before usage.

Patients with severe cardiac and pulmonary disorders, or with severe cerebrovascular diseases should use with caution.

People who experience discomfort after traction should consult with doctors before continuing to use this product.

There should be no intense action during traction. Please avoid movement of the neck or the head during traction.

Children should use this device under the supervision of other family members.

Elderly users should use this device under the supervision of other family members.

Please take off glasses and all other sharp accessories when using this product.

This product is intended for household use only.

UPC / Barcode: 857861004063