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Prepworks - Avocado Tool

Prepworks - Avocado Tool

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Info: Specialty Tool for Peeling, Coring & Sectioning

It can be tricky to liberate and serve avocados up without making a bit of a mess of it, unless you use a variety of implements. You need to cut the skin; cut the fruit in half without scoring the bitter pit; remove the pit; and scoop the flesh away from the skin (and possibly slice it), all as cleanly as possible the first time, so you don't get some on your fingers or have to scrape remnants off the pit or the peel. This single dishwasher safe Avocado Tool by the Progressive company has a clever, patented design to safely do all that in very little time.

Product Notes:

Think of this as a complete Avocado Sword: its stainless steel serrated blade can slice the skin and halve the avocado, and has a rounded tip so you can also slice the halves into sections while it is still in the skin without penetrating the skin; the 'pommel' or base of the sword/tool includes two sets of teeth to dig into the pit to pull it out; and the removable silicone "scabbard" snaps into place to protect the blade (and your household) when it's not in use, and has a flat spoon head for scooping the avocado away from and out of the skin, when it is.

Materials: PP (polypropylene), Nylon, Stainless Steel and Silicone.

Prepworks Avocado Tool in use
UPC / Barcode: 078915044099