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OreKorea Balance Water Alkalizing Sticks, front of package
OreKorea Balance Water Alkalizing Sticks, reverse of package
OreKorea Balance Water Alkalizing Sticks, alternative packaging
AmericanMaid 1 Liter Water Bottle

OreKorea - Balance Water - Alkalizing Sticks

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Info: 2 Sticks & 12 Cleaning Tablets (2 Month Supply) Plus Water Bottle

A new method for making quality water: a handy portable filter for producing alkaline water. The Balance Water stick process enriches hydrogen content, giving water antioxidant qualities. Hydrogen energized water helps to reduce cellular damage caused by reactive oxygen species (free radicals), while adding beneficial magnesium and other healthful minerals to your drinking water. Just place the stick into your water bottle, and shake for 5 seconds!

Product Notes:

The first two photos show the front and reverse of the product packaging we stock; the third shows an alternative type of packaging to illustrate a stick taken out of its tube.

This item will be paired with an empty 1 Litre Water Bottle from AmericanMaid, such as the one shown in the final photo (although the colour of the top may vary).

Researchers claim that oxygen free radicals may speed up aging and lead to disease. Enriched hydrogen water can help remove harmful oxidants from your body and help keep you looking and feeling young.

Special features of the Balance Water stick include:

• Easy to carry: The Balance Water stick can easily be placed in any water bottle and carried with you.

• Very economical: The Balance Water stick is more convenient and less expensive than other ionizing electrolysis devices, and you can drink enriched hydrogen water anytime. It can be used for 6 months, if you drink 2 litres per day (in 500ml bottle around 720 times).

• Smaller water molecule cluster size: With smaller water molecule clusters, your body can absorb health giving water with the health benefits of enriched hydrogen and higher mineral levels. The Balance Water's molecule clusters are nearly half the size (~61 Hz) of normal water (~130 Hz).

• Mineral rich: The Balance Water stick contains all pure natural minerals to produce mineral-rich alkaline, antioxidant water.

How to use the Balance Water sticks:

1. Peel the vinyl off the stick.
2. Rinse the stick under tap water before using.
3. Put the stick into water.
4. Shake for 5 seconds and the water is ready to drink. The longer you leave the stick in the water, the greater the health benefit.