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Bioxy Cleanse - Advanced Nascent Oxygen Technology

Bioxy Cleanse - Advanced Nascent Oxygen Technology

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Info: 180 Capsules (600 mg each) or 150 g Powder

Info: 180 Capsules (600 mg each) or 150 g Powder

Bioxy Cleanse can assist in cleansing the bowels, to aid the proper operation of the digestive tract and help rejuvenate the body. Specially formulated with a mix of magnesium oxide and ozone, it's one of the most unique products of its kind on the market. Bioxy Cleanse works by increasing the water content of the colon, to help remove hardened old fecal matter built up on the colon walls, and remove all toxins, anaerobic pathogens, parasites, heavy metals and other pollutants. This process can help restore regular bowel movements and improve the absorption and assimilation of mineral and nutrients from your diet.

Product Notes:

Unlike many products, Bioxy Cleanse from BioQuest is extremely unlikely to result in cramping or bloating or weakening of the colon muscles, and it is doesn't contain psyllium (which can actually cause constipation if not taken with enough water, and can also prevent other medications you may be taken from being effective, if not timed correctly).

Bioxy Cleanse Ingredients:

A compound of magnesium oxide and ozone to release nascent oxygen, plus rosehips powder with bioflavonoid complex as catalysts.

Suggested Usage:

Two capsules three times daily on an empty stomach or between meals; or between a half and one heaping teaspoon with 6-8 ounces of pure water, on an empty stomach, followed by lemon juice to initiate the catalytic reaction, and another glass of water.

BioxyCleanse is guaranteed by BioQuest to be harmless, safe, gentle and effective, for both youth and adults.


Do not use if seal is broken. Keep covered in a cool, dry place.

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150g Powder - $34.99 - UPC: 770122678608
180 Capsules - $39.99 - UPC: 770122678653