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Body Essentials - Deep Cleansing Facial Brush & Massager

Body Essentials - Deep Cleansing Facial Brush & Massager

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Info: Facial Brush & Massager with 3 Attachment Heads

You may enjoy just using a facecloth at home, but here's why you may want to try something new! Unlike hand washing, which tends to leave residue, this Facial Brush & Massager can remove all the makeup from your skin, and cleaner skin will enable better absorption and penetration of whatever facial moisturizers and serums you use next.

Product Notes:

This unit provides far more vibration intensity (52 times more than its closest competitor, using the brush head), ensuring that its cleansing and massaging action actually reaches the deeper, more critical dermis layer of the skin, where wrinkles form. It has three interchangeable heads: a Soft Brush (as shown); a Smooth Surface (for applying hydrating creams or toners); and one with Massage Nodes. It runs on three standard 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (but should not use rechargeable ones, presumably because they may not deliver enough power to the motor to keep up the rotation speed).

This product comes in an attractive display box, suitable for a gift; the inside of it is shown in the product photo, with a tape measure to show its size (the unit is slightly over six inches high with a head installed and the heads are about one inch in diameter). 

Replacement Brush Heads (Part no. SBA-100; store product code PLU 15020) are also available; please contact store for details.

Suggested Usage:

Use the Soft Brush to clean your face gently and thoroughly. The Smooth Surface attachment assists in the application of facial creams/serums. Provide stimulation and improve the circulation of your facial skin with the Massage Node's 15 node surface.

UPC / Barcode: 680583003614