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BodyRYZM - Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt

BodyRYZM - Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt

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Info: Back Support Belt to Relieve Back Pain

Named after a surgeon and world-wide educator on back health, this product was designed to improve sleeping for people who tend to sleep on their backs (the supine position) and/or who suffer from stiffness or pain due to flattening of the lumbar curvature, or to certain lower back injuries.

Product Notes:

BodyRYZM Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt

The Dr. Hamilton Hall Belt supports the lumbar curve during sleep, thereby relieving back aches and pain caused by the supine sleeping position. Some people have resorted to using a rolled up towel or a portion a blanket underneath their lower back for sleep support, but they don't stay in place if you shift position or roll onto your side. This stays right in place where it is needed.

Suggested Usage:

For use in the supine sleeping position, (lying on your back), to support the lumbar spine and help prevent back pain.