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Camel coloured BodyRYZM Qi Medical Sofa Pillow, inflated
Sage coloured BodyRYZM Qi Medical Sofa Pillow, deflated
BodyRYZM - Qi Medical Sofa Pillow

BodyRYZM - Qi Medical Sofa Pillow

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Info: Inflatable Pillow - 18 x 18 inches; Available in 2 Solid Colours

The QiPillow is a stylish inflatable pillow (with a soft, suede-like fabric exterior) which discretely functions to lessen the severity of problems specific to sitting. Immediate improvement of sitting posture through spinal alignment and added comfort is evident when using the Qi Pillow, resulting in less lower back stiffness and fatigue. Prevention of slouching into the couch or sofa means that pressure is relieved in the back and spine, core stability is activated, and sitting is no longer physically inactive.

Product Notes:

The QiPillow is available in two colours, camel and sage; those covers can be removed and handwashed in cold water.


Inner chamber / air bladder: 40% polyurethane
Outer chamber: 60% polyester
Inner surfaces: 52% cotton & 48% polyester
Removable Exterior cover / case: 100% polyester.

Suggested Usage:

For use on couches, sofas or other pieces of furniture requiring a cushion that stylishly offers spinal alignment, postural support and reduces pain caused by sitting:

1. Unzip the outer and inner covers of the to expose the air valve of the inner air bladder, and blow it up so that it is between about one-quarter to one-half full (this can be adjusted later, to what feels best for you). It starts out flat, of course, but can be inflated to about 7 inches thick in the middle.

2. Place the inflated QiPillow behind the small of your back (entirely above your buttocks) when you are seated in a living room chair or sofa.

3. Sit back and enjoy.

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Camel - $39.99 - UPC: 859724001226
Sage - $39.99 - UPC: 859724001219