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Borner Adjustable WaveWaffle Cutter
Borner Thin Julienne Slicer
Borner Dedicated Waffle-Design Slicer

Swissmar - Borner - Slicer/Grater Tools

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Info: Several Types of Slicer/Grater Tools Available

Info: Several Types of Slicer/Grater Tools Available

BÖRNER of Germany, manufactures the finest quality vegetable slicers on the market today with leading edge design and technology. Their unique grater/slicing tools help you add creativity to any gourmet meal.

Please note, the price of these items may be less in-store, due to their awkward size for shipping.

Product Notes:

Most of these devices (which all have white or off-white plastic bodies and of course steel blades, on all of them except the graters) are dedicated to a single type of cut, except for the WaveWaffle model, which is adjustable for 6 different cuts, (3 waves, 2 French fries, and 1 waffle or cross-cut design, which can be used for "Pommes gaufrettes" [or waffle fries, which are like ripple chips with an extra 90 degree cut pattern, so they get stamped with a waffle pattern with little holes in them, as shown).

About the Adjustable WaveWaffle Cutter: it has a click system for changing the position of the blade insert, and a safety position to lock it.

All these items also work with an optional Borner Safety Holder handle to hold the food against the device, which is shown in some of these photos; it is not included.

Product Options:
Dedicated Waffle-Design Slicer - $14.99 - UPC: 056975920027
Thin Julienne Slicer - $16.99 - UPC: 056975220530
Adjustable WaveWaffle Cutter - $22.99 - UPC: 056975018670