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Cannanda CB2 Wellness Blend, 5ml
Cannanda - Aromatherapy Terpene Blends
Cannanda High Ground Immune Blend
Cannanda CB2 Wellness Blend, 15ml

Cannanda - Aromatherapy Terpene Blends

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Info: Available in Three Types, in 5ml Bottles, plus the Wellness in 15ml

These highly concentrated liquid terpene blends are designed to either work directly with the endocannabinoid system as stand-alone products, or as companions to medical or recreational marijuana products you may already be using.

Info: Available in Three Types, in 5ml Bottles, plus the Wellness in 15ml

These highly concentrated liquid terpene blends are designed to either work directly with the endocannabinoid system as stand-alone products, or as companions to medical or recreational marijuana products you may already be using.

Product Notes:

Cannanda Aromatherapy Terpene Blends all feature a precisely formulated blend of pure isolated terpenes which have been carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. All three are devoid of any THC or CBD and are completely legal to buy without a prescription in Canada.


Terpenes (or 'terps') are the aromatic compounds which can be found not only in cannabis plants, but in any herbs, flowers, shrubs or trees whose essential oils are extracted for aromatherapy or for topical or other applications.

Cannanda's Terpene Blends come in three types, each oriented to a slightly different purpose:

Cannanda CB2 Wellness Blend

The original one, the Cannanda CB2 Wellness Blend, can either serve as a non-prescription alternative to CBD if you are not already using cannabidiol but would like to experience some of its benefits; or be used to enhance your CBD experience, if you are. As its name implies, in addition to supplying constituents to remedy possible deficiencies in your endocannabinoid system to help it promote overall wellness by achieving homeostasis, it is primarily designed to activate the second main type of cannabinoid receptor in the ECS – CB2, which is NOT responsible for producing the euphoric or intoxicating effects of THC, but IS involved in helping to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety; and in protecting the cardiovascular and nervous systems and the gastrointestinal tract, among other things; and may even reduce anxiety and depression.

Cannanda High Ground Immune Blend

Similarly, the Cannanda High Ground Immune Blend is also geared to the CB2 receptors, which are predominantly found on immune system cells (as well as in the gastrointestinal tract and peripheral nervous system), but in this case, rather than dampening a hyperactive inflammatory response, the goal is to augment your body's defenses in response to the presence of cold or flu viruses.

In addition, since some of the terpenes in this blend have antibacterial and antiviral properties of their own, this product can also be used to help prevent some illnesses with an airborne transmission if you're living or working with people who have them, by diffusing it into the air of the rooms you share like a regular essential oil, while they're still in the infectious stages.

Cannanda High Achievers Focus Blend

Finally, the Cannanda High Achievers Focus Blend is the type most geared to regular cannabis users (especially the full-spectrum types, or at least ones with more THC than CBD), being designed to counteract the common side-effects of short-term memory deficits and lack of attention or focus, without being overly stimulating.

However, this proprietary plant-based terpene formulation may also provide more alertness and temporary cognitive enhancement for anyone, including students (12 years old and up), those engaged in other types of instruction, professionals, athletes, or anyone feeling a bit foggy or run down.

The Focus Blend has two main mechanisms of action: 1) increasing the amount of oxygen available to our brain cells which is needed to create energy during mentally-demanding situations, by using terpenes with known bronchodilator properties (which helps dilate the airways to make your breathing as smooth and effortless as possible); and, 2) increasing the availability of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter integral to memory retention and recall, by slowing down the activity of the enzyme which breaks it down after it transmits its signal, which gives it more time to consolidate the memory.


High Achievers Focus Blend: Cannanda's proprietary HA terpene blend (100% natural terpenes isolated from botanical sources).

CB2 High Ground Immune Blend: Cannanda's proprietary HG Blend (100% natural terpenes isolated from botanical sources).

CB2 Wellness Blend: Cannanda's proprietary CB2 terpene blend (100% natural terpenes isolated from botanical sources).

Cannanda only uses ingredients with GRAS status (Generally Recognized As Safe): a food-safety designation meaning these ingredients are safe and suitable to add into any food products for human consumption.

Suggested Usage:

Terpenes have the highest bioavailability when inhaled, and for maximal effect, "direct inhalation" is the preferred method of use for these types, although you may just want to take the CB2 Wellness Blend type sublingually (under the tongue), instead.

High Achievers Focus Blend: Either use in the same ways other types of aromatherapy essential oils are used (with a diffuser or nebulizer, e.g.); or through direct inhalation (which is their recommendation) – place 2 to 3 drops in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to warm up the oil (to enable it to evaporate), cup your hands around your nose, and take slow deep breaths for a minute or two. Repeat as needed throughout the day. Since medicinal dosing is typically based on body weight, they suggest using 2 drops at a time for smaller people, and 3 for adults, while larger individuals may even want to use 4 drops at a time. This blend is suitable for use by anyone over the age of 12.

High Ground Immune Blend: This blend is suitable for anyone over the age of 6 years old, and best used at the first signs of feeling "off" – the earlier you use it when starting to feel sick, the better the results. Administration: same as above.

CB2 Wellness Blend: Better used through direct inhalation rather than through a conventional aromatherapy diffuser: simply place about 3 drops in your hand; rub your hands together; cup them around your nose or mouth; and take slow, deep breaths.

However, because the main terpene in this CB2 Wellness type is a sesquiterpene (a larger molecule which evaporates slower), sublingual ingestion may be a more suitable and convenient alternative. For sublingual use, simply place 2 or 3 drops under your tongue, and hold it there for about a minute before swallowing.

The CB2 Wellness Blend may also be used as a natural flavour – by adding 2 to 5 drops to a tablespoon of any edible oil of your choosing, for example.

In addition, the CB2 Wellness Blend can be used topically for targeted local relief; for that, you may want to add a bit of a carrier oil such as jojoba to it, to slow down the evaporation of the terpenes, so more of it gets absorbed. Alternatively, you can also purchase this blend ready-made in Cannanda's CB2 salve.


Keep Cannanda Terpene Blends out of reach of children. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Use at your own risk. Do not combust or ingest. These products are legal and contain no THC or CBD. Legal use of marijuana varies by jurisdiction; these products are not intended to facilitate the use of cannabis by minors.

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